European Women Dating

Dating European Women – Tips, Facts, Statistics

Are you thinking about dating girls from Europe? Europe is a large continent that consists of many countries, full of ladies with different appearances, traits, and mindsets. That’s why it’s hard to choose who is the best for you.

What are the main differences between Europe women from different regions? We want to help you understand it and find out how to successfully date Europe ladies. In this article, you will find all answers to the most popular questions.

Diversity of European Women

As we said, there is no possibility to describe one typical European girl look. Their beauty is diverse. Most Southern girls look strongly different from Northern ones, and Eastern ladies’ looks are not the same as Western ones. Let’s talk about the appearance of girls from every Europe region.

Brides from Southern Europe

Spain, Portugal, Italy, and other Europe hot climate countries are well known for their gorgeous girls. A lot of men are fascinated with their dark brown shiny hair, hazel and green eyes, tanned skin. There are a lot of chubby European girl with curvy forms. When someone says something about European hot women, they frequently mean Southern women. It’s quite right because local females’ beauty is complemented with strong self-confidence, passion, and bizarre gait.

What about Balcan women? These ladies combine Slavic types’ features with Southern Europe women’s hot beauty. Their eyes usually are hazel or blue, hair is brown and light brown, which looks gorgeous with tanned skin. These Europe women always take care of their appearance. In any situation, they are well-dressed and good-looking.

Brides from Northern Europe

Scandinavian women are known for their pale skin, beautiful blonde hair, blue and gray eyes. Most of them are also tall and famous for their long legs. But Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are also full of girls with light-brown hair, dark eyes, and short height. Most of the people there prefer a healthy lifestyle during their whole life. This is the main reason why a lot of them look incredible at any age.

The next representatives of Northern European females are British girls. They have diverse appearance features. You can meet blue-eyed ladies with light brown hair, green-eyed ones with amazing red hair, and many other types. Most of them are tall, skinny, and know how to embrace their best features with an elegant sense of fashion.

Eastern Europe Ladies

Pretty European women from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia fascinate men around the world with their beauty. Ukrainian girls mostly have brown or light brown hair, hazel eyes, and appealing facial features. Most Belarus women have a similar appearance with Northern countries. Females from this region are highly popular among foreigners. Russia has a very diverse population because of its large territories in Europe and Asia. If you want to find a hot blonde European girl, we suggest looking at Scandinavian and Eastern European countries.European Women

There are also ladies from Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia who are very similar to the Slavic type and Northern people.

Girls from Central and Western Europe

Girls from this part of Europe aren’t distinguished with some unique facial features. There are a lot of different girls, who are good-looking and combine Slavic, Scandinavian and Spanish features. The French ladies are well known as European chicks with an incredible sense of style. Swiss, German, and Austrian girls like casual yet elegant clothes, look natural and don’t put on tons of makeup.

Main Traits of European Woman

European females are attractive not only because of their beauty. They also possess an amazing inner world. In Europe, ladies are usually well-educated, determined, and friendly. They are tolerant of everybody and like to communicate with people and spend time together. What other traits of European woman make them great partners?

Lively and Cheerful

Do you want to find a partner with a positive view of life and a fiery temperament? Hot Europe women from Spain, Italy, Portugal, and other Southern countries are some of the most lively girls in the world. They know how to enjoy life and bring their cheerful mood to people around them.

Eastern Europeans are also outgoing and friendly. Many people like them because of their sense of humor, but be ready for a lot of sarcasm. This trait is also possessed by British women, who like to laugh and make jokes in any situation. With a partner like these, even the most challenging situation will seem like an exciting adventure!

Caring and Family-Minded

The role of the family in many cultures is huge. European ladies also take care of their families and never forget about them. Such an attitude to parents is inherent to Eastern and Southern Europeans. They tend to live close to their parents to be able to care about them. In some countries, a girl can move to the groom’s parent’s house after marriage. It is usually temporary, after some time the couple starts to live in their own place.

European wives are very caring and loving. It is not a problem for most of them to raise children alongside building careers. In Northern countries, male parents also take a big part in raising children and managing household chores. Keep in mind that these women will expect the same from you.

Self-Confident and Independent

Confidence is one of the main traits of Southern ladies. You can see it in their manners, looks, and walk. These hot European women can seem flirty, but it is usually just their natural way of speaking.

Every modern Europe woman is trying to be self-sufficient and independent. They are looking for relationships to find a kindred spirit, who will support them. European women are easy in building trustful relationships where partners are open to each other in everything.

European Women vs American Women

There is no doubt that women of Europe possess many great traits. But how different are these girls from others? We want to compare them with American ladies. Let’s find out what European women American men find attractive.

Women from Europe Women from the US
Traditionally have a more feminine style, prefer a natural look Have a diversity of styles, like changes in their appearance
See flirting as a validation of their attractiveness They are more wary of strangers and can see flirting as a violation of their rights
More reserved and mysterious about their feelings Talk openly about their feelings with a partner

Popular European Women Stereotypes

Like all other people in the world, locals are stereotyped with many different facts which are not always truthful. Sometimes, stereotypes are based on information that is no longer relevant for modern society in Europe. Here we collect some European women stereotypes. Keep with us to find out what is true and what is false.

They Dress Up Even for Grocery Shopping

This stereotype usually relates to Eastern Europeans. It isn’t wrong that girls from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary take good care of their appearance every day. For foreigners, they can seem overdressed, but it is just like they are used to dressing in their countries. Almost every Eastern European woman regularly visits a nail salon and gets her hair done. They look perfect every day, no matter going to work, the grocery store, or a party.

Meet European Women

Girls in Europe Are Unemotional and Reserved

In comparison with Americans, any European female look introverted or unemotional to strangers. It is partly true for all Scandinavians and Slavic people. They are friendly, but not easily approachable. You might see them as unemotional people, while they just don’t see reasons to go hard in front of strangers.

This stereotype is totally false for Southern Europeans. They have the same temperament as Latinx. People who are dating European girls from sunny countries like Spain or Portugal talk about their openness to everyone, even strangers.

They Are Sexually Liberated

Most of the women in Europe are not conservative and see sexual life as an important part of dating. They don’t say about it out loud, but can freely speak about everything with a partner. It’s not judgemental to have short-term relationships, whether you are a man or woman.

Their liberation doesn’t mean that all girls have many boyfriends. Most of them prefer to stay with one partner who is interesting to them. Keep in mind that any local woman is looking for a partner with similar views on things, the same interests, and other individual traits.

How to Meet European Women

If you are living far away from Europe, it seems difficult to meet European women. Many of them are living abroad, but still not as many as those who didn’t move anywhere. We can assure you that everyone has a chance to communicate with a girl from Europe. Here you can find a guide on where and how to date European beauties.

Best Places for Dating European Girls

If you are on a trip to Europe and want to meet girls for a date, there are many dating platforms that can help you with this. It is a much faster way to find a single lady who doesn’t mind spending time with you. The most popular communication platform in Europe is a well-known Tinder. You can easily find people near you with this app and communicate with beautiful European women hot.

In case you are looking for a serious relationship and want to try online dating, we recommend you to take a look at these websites:

  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Elite Singles
  • Charm Date

Tips on Dating European Girl

If you are not a European, your dating culture might be different. That’s why for your success in dating European girl we prepared some dating tips. We understand that women from different parts of Europe aren’t the same in dating, but our guide definitely helps you to understand the European dating culture better.

  • Offer to pay the bill on the first date with Eastern Europeans, but it is not that important with Scandinavians.
  • Dress up a little for a date. Stay casual, but don’t wear sports clothes.
  • Be ready for sarcasm and jokes. Any girl in Europe likes to laugh, but her sense of humor may differ from yours a lot.
  • Don’t hurry her, let the girl take her time before moving to the next step in your relationship.

Bottom Line

Europe hot women can’t be described with the same characteristics as Europe covers a huge range of nationalities. In Oslo and Budapest Europe women look different have different traditions, sense of humor, and daily habits. That’s why there is no one effective way of dating European women. We shared with you the most relevant information and hope that it will help you to find your true love.

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