Complete Guide on How to Date Turkish Women

Updated on Mar 2023

Turkey is an attractive destination for foreigners with its bright culture, a mixture of Oriental and Western elements, and delicious food. People come here to enjoy architecture, visit historical monuments, relax in the best hotels, and meet local people, especially gorgeous local ladies.

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Turkish Women Profiles
Audrey 25 y.o.
Financial manager
Esmeralda 27 y.o.
Social worker
Penelope 22 y.o.
School teacher

Turkish women also receive a lot of attention from foreigners, as their beauty and inner world are equally wonderful. Do you want to find a girlfriend in Turkey too? With this article, you have all chances for success in dating Turkish women. Keep reading and find out more!

Reasons Men Are Obsessed with Turkey Women

Before dating Turkey girls you might want to know what makes them magnetic to foreign men. We can assure you that these girls really deserve your attention as they possess many beautiful traits. It would be hard to describe all their advantages, but here are some Turkish women features men the most.

Attractive Appearance

The first that raises the interest of foreign guys in women of Turkey is their magnetic beauty. They are one of the most attractive oriental women, indeed. What does a Turkish woman look like? Let us describe them for you.

Turkish woman face features are similar to those of the Middle Eastern, but because of the diversity of genes, some of the girls are more similar to Europeans. Turkish women hair is usually dark or light brown, as well as their big expressive eyes. Most of them have high silky tanned skin and sharp facial features that give them a special charm.

Most ladies are skinny, and it is hard to find thick Turkish women, especially in the young population. They are also big beauty salon lovers and take care of always looking perfect.

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Combination of Traditional and Modern Values

One of the most popular Turkish women stereotypes is that they are all old-fashioned and very reserved. But it is totally untrue, and you will see it once you meet Turkish women. In fact, they are amazing girls who combine their traditional values with more modern Western views.

This combination is what makes them extremely attractive, as they keep to the Turkey cultural concept of a family but complement it with openness to the world and acceptance of modern influences. Thus, Modern Turkish women are family-oriented but don’t focus only on the happiness of the marriage. They are ambitious, smart, and aim for self-realization.

Turkish Women

Turkish Women Are Attentive and Gentle

Anyone who has ever dated Turkish girls can tell you that they make one of the best girlfriends. After cute Turkish women faces catch your eyes and you get to know a girl better, you will find out that they are also very kind hearted.

These amazing women like to show the strength of their feelings with constant care and dozens of hugs and kisses during the day. Being a boyfriend to one of the beautiful women from Turkey means feeling pure love every day. Gorgeous Turkish women especially like to make their boyfriends and husbands happy with tons of extremely delicious food, as they are great cooks.

The Complete Guide on Dating Turkish Women

Did you meet a Turkish beautiful woman but don’t know what to do now? International dating is an interesting yet complicated process and sometimes you can’t understand what is the best way to impress a woman. Here is our step-by-step guide that can become a great helper for you in dating Turkish women. Keep reading and find out how to make any woman from Turkey fall in love with you.

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Be Patient and Don’t Rush Things

The first interaction is very important for any single Turkish woman. If you are chatting online, don’t offer to meet in person right after the first conversation. The point is women in Turkish dating apps want to find out more information about you first and understand whether you’re trustworthy or not. In case you start to push her to meet each other as soon as possible, it is most likely that she will start ghosting you.

Show Your Interest in Her Hobbies

The next step to winning over a girl is to show that you are totally into her. Pretty Turkish women like it when a man is interested in her life and would love to share everything with him. Be ready that she is a big Turkish drama series lover and will want you to watch it with her for hours.

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Keep In Mind That Physical Contact Is Very Important

Tones of attention are what all Turkish beautiful women want to get from their partners. And one of the best ways to show a girl all you love is through physical contact. Hugging, kissing, and all other cute signs of love are essential to building her trust in your feelings.

Make a Good Impression on Her Family

After dating a Turkish woman for some time, there is always a moment to visit her parents. This usually happens a little bit earlier than in Western countries, and you have to attach great importance to this occasion. To show that you’re a good partner for their daughter, follow local traditions and be respectful. For example, there is a tradition of kissing the hand of an elder person. When you meet her mother better kiss her hand, as it is what she expects from you.

Where to Meet Turkish Girls?

It is easy to find single Turkish ladies, as nowadays online dating is extremely popular. That’s why even if you are not in Turkey now, there are great chances to meet attractive Turkish women who seek relationships too. Keep reading to find more details about local dating apps and the difference between online and offline dating.

Top 5 Popular Dating Apps

Dating on the Internet is a more convenient and effective way to find a partner than the traditional way. A key to success in dating is choosing the right dating app or website with lots of Turkey girls. Here is a list of the most popular platforms to date Turkish girls:

  • Waplog
  • Tinder
  • Muslima
  • Hawaya
  • Siberalem

Each of these apps is a great choice for those who dream about having a Turkish girlfriend. Choose one of these and enjoy communication with sweet oriental ladies without wasting your time dealing with bots and scammers.

Online vs Offline Dating: What to Choose?

Dating women in Turkey, you might wonder what option is better – online or traditional dating? It is hard to give an answer as each way has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at what are the main characteristics of online and offline Turkey dating.

You can see some personal details of every girl beforehand and use searching filters to make dating more effective.Turkey girls are reserved in public and it can be hard to make the first interaction with them in real life.
There are more chances to find a partner as you can search for a girl from any city.The dating opportunities are limited by the area where you live.
The quality of communication can be lower as it is impossible to see the emotions of your partner.An offline conversation is a better option to feel the real feelings and emotions of your partner.

Dating Culture of Turkey

Dating culture is different for every country, as every nation has its own values, traditions, and rituals. Talking about dating a Turkish girl, there are also some unique rules you might not know. We want to share some facts that can give you a better understanding of Turkish dating culture:

  • There is not only an engagement ring. In Turkey, a man usually buys three different rings for a girlfriend with whom he has serious relationships. The first one is a commitment ring, the second is an engagement ring, and the last one is a wedding ring.
  • Be ready to deal with some drama. It is more a special trait of Turkish girls than a tradition, but you definitely have to know it. Most beautiful Turkish women are extremely possessive and it can become a challenge for those who didn’t meet them before. The main reason for their dramatic scenes is that they want a man to constantly prove their feelings. Make your woman confident in your love and she will immediately become calm and sweet.
  • Beautiful women of Turkey prefer serious relationships to casual dating. In Turkish culture marriage and relationships are seen as an important stage in the life of every person and both men and women are taught to enter relationships only with serious intentions. That is also a reason why the age of first marriage in Turkey is lower than in most European countries.


A typical Turkish woman is a great partner for those who want to find loyal, sweet, and supportive girls for serious relationships. They are equally beautiful inside and outside, and you can make sure of their beauty by looking at the famous Turkish women like Fahriye Evcen, Hazal Kaya, and Esra Bilgic.

Dating an average Turkish woman is not hard at all if you know the local culture and have serious intentions. We hope that with the help of our guide you will find your love in Turkey.


Are Turkish Girls Beautiful?

Turkish women are one of the most beautiful in the Middle East, indeed. Their features are a result of the diverse Asian and European genes. These ladies usually have dark brown hair, tanned skin, sharp facial features, and big attractive eyes.

Where Can You Meet Turkish Women?

The easiest way to meet Turkish girls is to use online dating apps. The most popular dating platforms in Turkey are Tinder, Siberalem, and Muslima. But if you currently live in Turkey, you can try to meet girls in local parks, clubs, bars, or events.

Are Turkish Women Passionate?

Beautiful women from Turkey do possess a quite passionate temperament. They like to show the strength of their feelings to their boyfriends and husbands in different ways on an everyday basis.