Thai Women – how do they see a perfect dating?

Updated on Mar 2023

Thailand is a kingdom located on the Indochinese peninsula in southeastern Asia, where the form of government is a constitutional monarchy. The area of Thailand is 500 thousand sq. km. The kingdom borders Burma, Laos, Malaysia, and Cambodia. The coast is washed by the Andaman and South China Seas.

Thai Women Profiles
Alzbeta 28 y.o.
Diane 25 y.o.
Arianna 27 y.o.

Usually, people come to this place in search of exotic fruit and beautiful locations, but a huge percentage of men strive to find gorgeous Thai women. If you want to meet Thai women, we are here to help you: you will learn everything you may need to conquer beautiful Thai women.

Dating Thai Women: Characteristics

If you want to find a Thai girlfriend, you should know some key characteristics of Thai ladies. So, let’s learn what one can expect when dating a Thai woman.

Thai Girls Are Romantics

Thai women can look very busy and focused, but you should know that they put romance above everything else. Women from Thailand adore men who know how to surprise them and are ready for anything to enjoy a romantic relationship. This is one of the reasons why they utilize dating platforms: Thai girls believe that Thai men are less romantic than Western men.

Thai Women Will Do Everything They Can to Make the Relationship Work

Most Thai women are not looking for someone to spend some fun evenings with. Thai girls want serious relationships with the potential for marriage. And if a Thai wife finds a person with whom she may get married, she will invest a lot in such a relationship. Hot Thai women know all the little tricks to satisfy the man in the relationship. Beautiful Thai ladies can anticipate your needs and use every opportunity to make you happy.

Thai Women Can’t Fake Their Feelings

One of the most important things about dating a Thai girl is that you can always see how she feels, and how she talks and behaves. Thai women cannot hide their love for a person or their desire to develop the relationship further. If one of the Thai females is unhappy about something, you can also quickly realize that something is wrong, which saves you a lot of time and nerve cells.

Thai Women Profiles
Fang 29 y.o.
Yang 27 y.o.
Mim 28 y.o.

Thai Girls Are Extremely Attractive

They don’t have to spend much time with sexy Thai women to see that they are very pretty. Thai women look exactly like you imagine a beautiful Asian woman. Their petite but feminine bodies look even more attractive thanks to the sexy way these women dress. The facial features of women in Thailand are perfectly balanced. Their skin has an irresistible tanned look, and their lush black hair is the perfect frame for her face one can imagine.

Thai women are known for their beauty, their friendly nature, and their willingness to please. These qualities make them popular among foreign men who are looking for a date or a serious relationship.

Thai Women

6 Facts About Women and Locals in General

Women in Thailand: are there some interesting facts about them? There are. Thai culture in general and local residents, in particular, have a lot to surprise tourists with. Let’s take a look at several things that may surprise you when you meet Thai girls.

  1. Fear of losing face. It is very difficult to imagine Thais quarreling loudly: to see such a thing is a rarity. In a difficult situation, the locals just smile and try to disappear as quickly as possible.
  2. Life in a group. At work, locals never eat alone, only with someone. Also, Thais most often live in large families with mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and aunts.
  3. Taste habilities. The cult of food in Thailand is pretty obvious. No one will remain hungry in this country; even street dogs are very well-fed. They love their cuisine so much that some cannot eat European food and are content with only Thai.
  4. Travel and migration. Meeting a local in Europe is rare. Thais are patriots by nature, they can go to another country to get an education, but then they will definitely return back to where their family is. They travel mainly to Asian countries simply because they do not have that kind of money to overpower a trip to Europe.
  5. Mentality. The Thais are very much like Russians with their worldview and life position. The same requirements for men, the same attitude towards the family. Moreover, unfortunately, domestic violence also takes place in families, as well as alcoholism.
  6. Sabay sabay. Have you heard this expression? So it denotes something like relax/calm down/be peaceful. This completely characterizes locals. Thai girls walk very slowly; they are not in a hurry, and they pay slowly at the checkout in the store. Even if you come to McDonald’s, you can wait an hour for your order. They drive appropriately, slowly, and too carefully, creating a lot of traffic jams where they can be avoided. However, once a local gets on a motorcycle, everything changes; they drive fast, impatiently, and sometimes very dangerously. This driving style leads to a huge number of deaths on the roads. And few foreigners want to hire Thais for work because of laziness and a disregard for work. We can’t say that all Thais are lazy, but an impressive percentage of them are. Also, they are used to doing only the tasks that they are given and are actually not able to think creatively.
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Bora 29 y.o.
School teacher
Ichika 25 y.o.
Fang 21 y.o.

How To Attract Thai Women

When you meet a woman from Thailand for the first time, you have a high chance of falling in love with her. However, you must also try your best dating techniques and consider the local dating culture if you want to impress your woman from Thailand and make her like you. Here are nine tips to achieve just that.

  1. Be smart! You should always have an answer to her question and be savvy in various topics. To do this, we advise you to read books on various topics.
  2. Be original! Do not merge with the boredom that surrounds you. You must have flair. The answer to the question “What is my highlight?” is in your head.
  3. Be confident! Women from Thailand love it very much. But don’t overdo it. If you show that the whole world is at your feet, a lady will think that you are a narcissistic idiot. Just show that you can handle a bunch of obstacles!
  4. Be versatile! Thai girls like versatile men. You must have several hobbies that you adore. If you don’t, try to present your occupation originally: it is pretty easy to impress one of the Thai girls.
  5. Be neat! This refers to the use of personal hygiene to the fullest. Do not forget to brush your teeth, wash, and change socks. Some foreign men are convinced it is not important for Thai women and are mistaken.
  6. Be stylish! Thai girls adore style because they think that they are well versed in it. You shouldn’t go the extra mile to impress a lady: a clean T-shirt and some bright trousers will be enough.
  7. Remember about a sense of humor! Remember to joke at the right time and place. This is necessary so that the girl understands that in the evenings, she will not have to sit and suffer from boredom. You should not joke all the time; in this case, she might think that you are not a serious person and treat everything mediocrely.
  8. Be an optimist! Optimists are luckier in life; it’s a fact! Never say something like “Tomorrow will be such a bad day that I don’t want to get up.” Women don’t want to waste their lives with losers!
  9. Be honest! Don’t try to cheat. Even a minor lie may lead to a huge misunderstanding that may spoil everything!

List of Places Where to Meet Women in Thailand

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you probably know that there are many Thai women you can meet wherever you go in this magnificent country. However, there are a few places where you have the highest chance of meeting single women from Thailand who are willing to date foreigners. Here are these spots.

Major cities to meet Thai womenBangkok, Samut Prakan
Fertility rate in Thailand1.34 births per woman
Trusted dating websites to meet Thai womenEasternHoneys, Asian Melodies, LoverWhirl
Average life expectancy of Thai women79.27 years
The percentage of female population in Thailand 51.43 %


Phuket is one of the leading holiday destinations in Thailand. One can meet lots of women from Thailand there; besides, there are lots of foreign singles who live there or come here to work. So, your chances are pretty high here.


As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is as busy, loud, and colorful as any other capital in Asia. Bangkok is amazing both at night, and during the day, so you can simply take a walk through its cities and possibly discover your ideal partner.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is close to Bangkok, but its atmosphere is completely different from the atmosphere of the capital. Thai women here are relaxed and ready to enjoy life to the fullest.

How to Meet Women Online: Tips for Western Men

If for some reason, you can’t travel now or don’t want to try a fortune without guaranteed results, there is a better option for you. Thai women are now actively using the Internet to meet foreign men for dating and marriage, and you can easily use this chance. All you need is to choose the right international dating site for your needs and familiarize yourself with its female audience. You should know three things about Thai women that you can meet online: they look very good, they can’t wait to meet decent foreign men, and they dream of a strong, supportive relationship.

We have prepared for you some tips with which you can make your profile on a dating site much brighter, more interesting, and more attractive to the opposite sex. These recommendations are universal, so take a look.

Fill Out the Questionnaire Correctly

According to the photo on the profile picture, the person who liked you outwardly will always find time to take a look at your profile. This will help to know your tastes, wishes, and position in life. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to fill in and work out some points.

  1. Purpose of dating. The words “sex” and “marriage” are best left out. Neutral “relationships, friendship, communication” will suffice.
  2. About me. In this section, you should describe your positive features, explain why your partner needs you, and what you have experience and knowledge in.
  3. Who I want to find. Here you can flatteringly describe the desired portrait of the companion. You should try to describe the person you are looking for in detail: it will increase your chances.
  4. Marriage and children. In this section, write the truth only, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship. After all, the reality will come out anyway.
  5. Priorities and life goals. You don’t need to write a whole petition; one or two statements are enough.
  6. Interests and hobbies. Don’t write down everything! It is better to indicate something atypical separately.
  7. Religion, creed. This item should be filled out only if it is important for you to find a fellow believer.
  8. Sexual preferences. If you are looking for a sex partner only, fill in this section. If you want to find a serious relationship, it is better to skip it. This information is for you and the person you have chosen as a partner. It is not for all site visitors, among whom inadequate people are always found.
  9. A diary. On some dating sites, the function of this section is performed by the profile wall. You can post anything there. This information is rarely viewed, but still, you shouldn’t spoil your image with vulgarity, obscene expressions, and other things your potential partner may not like.
Thai Girls

Avoid Negativity and Vulgarity

Even if you’re looking for a casual relationship or one-night stand, don’t spoil your image with vulgarity, foul language, and other negativity. Be sure to check your profile and remove from it expressions that carry a negative connotation.

Choose a Good Photo for Your Profile Picture

It is an important point we can talk about for a long time. All of us know that the main thing is to take the most successful photo of yourself. Nevertheless, we post photos of cats, empty landscapes, and other nonsense. If the photos taken on your own or with the help of friends don’t seem good enough, order a professional photo shoot that will present you in the best way possible. Show several photos to friends (female friends) and ask them to choose the best one from their point of view. This image should be displayed as your profile’s “main catchy face.”

Turn On Filtering by Parameters

Don’t ignore the selection feature that many dating sites have developed. With it, you can create the perfect image and show what you expect. Also, this feature will help weed out those who absolutely do not suit you.

How Are Women in Thailand Treated?

The traditions and customs of Thailand are closely related to the cultural traditions of the Khmers and Mons. Representatives of these people left a deep mark in the country’s history, bringing one of the branches of Buddhism – Hinayana or Theravada, which has been the country’s main religion since then.

Both religious and social traditions greatly influence the life of modern Thais. Locals revere them even more than the laws set by the state, never breaking them. We advise travelers to be very respectful of the traditions and customs of the country.

One of the most ancient traditions of the country is the division into classes (we have mentioned it). Residents observe the hierarchy. A person is assigned to a certain class according to age, position in society, and religiosity.

For every Thai, the family is central to life. All residents of the country revere the Royal Family. It is loved not only by tradition but also for deeds because it was the kings who established excellent relations with Europe and saved ancient Siam from slavery.

Subordination and strictness reign in families of local residents. In worldly life, women and men have the same rights. As for religious relationships, here, the supremacy of men has been enshrined for centuries.

Do Thai Girls Make Good Wives?

They do! If you ask Western men why they love Thai women, they will tell you that Thai girls are not only fantastic girlfriends but also amazing wives. They are supporting, caring, and extremely loyal.

Stories of Blessed Foreigners and Thai Women

Success Story #1 Image
Tim and Hiroko AsianMelodies logo
Tim had always been fascinated by the beauty of Thai women. When he saw Hiroko on Asian Melodies, he knew he had to have her. They started talking and quickly fell in love. They bought a new house together and were very happy. But one day, Tim found out that Hiroko was cheating on him with another man. He was devastated and decided to move away from Thailand altogether.
Success Story #2 Image
Brandon and Yuki EasternHoneys logo
Yuki was everything Brandon had ever wanted in a woman – beautiful, intelligent, and sweet. And best of all, she loved spending time with him as much as he loved being around her. They were both head over heels in love and quickly became inseparable. The only thing that could make their relationship better was if they could be together in person. So Brandon took the plunge and asked Yuki to come visit him in America.

The Final Thoughts

All in all, we recommend using all the possibilities our time opens up. If you’ve been facing problems finding a partner in your country, who knows – perhaps it’s because your soulmate awaits you in the other corner of the planet? Thai women will definitely surprise you, so why don’t you try your fortune?


What Happens When You Marry a Thai Woman?

Before calling a Thai woman to marry, it is worth knowing that a considerable ransom must be paid for the bride to her relatives, and this cannot be avoided or delayed either. Nevertheless, men say it is worth it.

Does Thailand Have Beautiful Girls?

Indeed, the country is famous for incredibly beautiful Thai girls. They enjoy taking care of themselves and know how to do it correctly. So, you are guaranteed to enjoy the beauty and youth of your wife for years.

How Can I Get a Thai Girl?

Thai girls are not too demanding: there are no specific strategies you can utilize. You simply find a lady, start communicating, and if you like each other, you may bring your relationships to the next level: marriage. Remember that you will have to surprise her with gifts and other signs of attention.

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