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Updated on Mar 2023

Taiwan is a long island situated between the southeast of the Asian Continent and the East and Southeast Asia Island Arcs of the West Pacific Ocean, connecting all parts of Asia. Taiwanese dating culture is fine and diverse. At each corner, one can find some unique stories and local sentiments to enjoy.

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Moreover, there is a phenomenon that makes it special – the Taiwanese women. Taiwanese women are gorgeous and cordial, wise and funny, sweet and sexy simultaneously. Here you can find out who are beautiful Taiwanese women, what they like, and how to meet Taiwanese women online in 2022.

7 Reasons Why You Ought to Date Attractive Taiwanese Women

  1. Taiwanese are the most attractive and gentle women in Asia. A typical Taiwanese woman’s sweet voice makes her look so feminine.
  2. Taiwanese women are sexy and sweet. This combination is rare in the world because most women are one or the other. But Taiwanese girls are different. They are sexy and sweet at the same time. This is a healthy kind of sexy, which is really unique. We often associate «sexy» with being dirty, but Taiwanese bride is sexy without that part.
  3. Taiwanese beauties are considered fashion-conscious women throughout the world. Girl from Taiwan can make you look good-looking when you go out together.
  4. Sexy Taiwanese women know how to manage their personal finances. They don’t buy expensive things they can’t afford. They look so pretty without spending too much money on expensive shoes, bags and clothes.
  5. Single Taiwanese ladies are very traditional and respect men like Chinese women are.
  6. In Taiwan, the obesity rate is so low because beautiful women in Taiwan know how to take care of themselves compared to women in other countries.
  7. Beautiful women from Taiwan are definitely very intelligent and interesting to date.
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Main Characteristics of Taiwanese Women

Taiwanese Girls Know How to Have Fun

Many mistakenly believe that fun and entertainment are not for the hardworking females of Taiwan. You might not often meet Taiwanese girls at the bar with a glass of beer, but that doesn’t mean Taiwanese women don’t know how to have a good time. These women love music and dancing from a young age.

Taiwanese Girls Are Very Modest

Despite the above-mentioned love for singing and dancing, these ladies are very shy. This is true when it comes to relationships with men. On their first date with boys, Taiwanese women will be so modest it might often make them blush. This sweet trait combined with their innate grace won’t leave any man indifferent.

Taiwanese Girls Strive to Be Healthy

These ladies follow a wholesome diet and prefer a healthy lifestyle. However, their desire to be healthy never borders on fanaticism as is often the case with Western women.

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Taiwanese Girls Are Very Romantic

Girls from Taiwan love everything related to love and romance. If you want to please a woman like this, choose a romantic movie or a song, or treat her to a romantic dinner.

Taiwanese Girls Rejoice in Little Things

This is another reason that makes these ladies perfect. They’d love a simple bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear, or other small things as romantic gifts. Taiwanese women don’t like wasting money because they know its value. This is why there are very few shopaholics among these ladies. Doesn’t that make them perfect?

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What Is the Best Way to Impress Taiwanese Women?

We think many average Taiwanese girls love guys that are “international” in perspective or have a global viewpoint, good at the English language and have lived overseas to be educated at some point in their lives. Dating Taiwanese women also like guys that are business-minded and have the attitude that they want to better themselves professionally at some point in their career. This useful article will help you to understand that Taiwanese women like you.

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Are Taiwanese Women Materialistic?

Taiwanese women are both practical and materialistic, though. By practical, it means that they won’t just fall in love with one and keep a romantic relationship for a few years and finally contemplate marriage. Taiwanese women are very likely considering you as a potential future husband right on your first date. So, your bank account, social class, car, housing, and family will be seriously studied. If any of these fall short of their standard, then “you are fired”.

And by materialistic, we mean that they would define who you are by your clothing, appearance, and most importantly, money. Therefore, if you are a Taiwanese guy or just any other Asian (probably except Japanese), you have a big chance that the beautiful women from Taiwan will judge you with these parameters. However, if you are a white guy then they won’t be so strict. Go figure it out.

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What Does It Take to Marry a Taiwanese Girl?

It takes patience from both sides. Taiwan girls are typically better educated and have better English than their mainland cousins. In most cases, they are not looking for ‘sugar daddies’ but a true relationship. And they are a bit sour on the ‘traditional’ patriarchal Chinese society where a man is the ruler of the home. Enter American men – especially those who have over the last few decades been ‘domesticated’ and actually value the mature opinion of a woman. If you listen, are stable financially, and are emotionally mature, you will be a ‘prime’ catch.

How Can You Win the Heart of a Taiwanese Girlfriend?

If you haven’t already, you should probably go to Taiwan. Just spitballing here, but quite clear that will give you the highest concentration of beautiful women in Taiwan to date.

Don’t Think She Will Fall for You Just Because You Are a Foreigner

Okay, serious answers now. Perhaps the biggest thing you need to understand is: do not assume that your skin color will win her over! There’s this really weird line of thought among white guys who come to Taiwan, where they think that because they’re white, they can go to any bar and pick up an average Taiwanese woman who will sleep with them because they’re white. You’re not Prince Charming, and if you think that the beautiful Taiwanese woman is that easy, you can leave this country because you don’t belong here. Hot Taiwanese girls today aren’t interested in gold-digging with a white guy. So when you try to date Taiwanese girls, take your skin color out of the equation.

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A lot of Taiwanese, while very hospitable people (Taiwan being rated as the Number 1 hospitable country to foreigners by Forbes Magazine) are afraid of and even rude to black people. You can see Taiwanese spit at someone because of their skin color. So if you’re black, the advice is to hope you get lucky and find someone who cares about you for who you are. And it does happen!

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Show Your Ambitions

Taiwanese women like to date guys with a plan. If you have a plan for the future and work hard, you’re instantly more attractive. They’re not expecting to be a stay-at-home trophy wife or anything, as they’re very independent people. Many modern Taiwanese women want to have careers of their own. But they also want to make sure their future spouses have it together too because they don’t want to be the ones wearing the pants in the family.

Show That You Are Good With Saving Money

Many foreigners who attend a new night market in Keelung notice that Taiwanese women are very good with money. One of the cardinal rules of the Taiwanese lifestyle is to save, save, save. Taiwanese women love saving money. If you learn to be thrifty, not only will you be attractive to the girl, but you’ll also be attractive to her family. Keep reading to learn more about dating a Taiwanese woman.

Get Along With Her Family and Friends

This brings us to the next point: You do not marry the girl; you marry her family. Family is everything to the Taiwanese. Dating a Taiwanese girl, you are essentially rolling the dice on how receptive her family is to you. If you get lucky and your in-laws are very accepting of other cultures, you can accept a happy family life with your darling. Most families are not, and oftentimes demand that you observe their cultural practices. You can be saying that Taiwanese families “know de wei” literally years before the meme became cool because many Taiwanese families are very set in their traditional ways. And some families will even revel in essentially forcing you, the foreigner with what they might assume as higher status than them, to assimilate their customs and come down to their level.

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Respect Her Parents

This can take men a long time to understand. Foreigners grew up in a society where the media taught us that it was okay to be a rebel if the parents were being unreasonable. But is it unreasonable in their culture? Remember: you don’t marry the girl in Taiwan; you marry her family. Why would a family in a society where family is everything want to incorporate a weak link in that strong family chain? It’s really hard to wrap your brain around this. But, it is something you must respect if you want to date a Taiwanese girl because even the girl will turn against you if you think any differently.

Be Open-Minded and Adventurous

Lastly, Taiwanese wives love to travel. Open a world map. Take a look at how small Taiwan is. Imagine living in a country in the middle of the ocean that’s the size of Washington. Kind of a small sandbox, right? Many Taiwanese feel constricted. Right now it’s very popular to want to travel. If you can legitimately offer to see the world to a girl here, they are far more likely to at the very least want to learn more about you.

Watch the video to learn more about Taiwanese dating culture:

Final Thought About Dating Taiwanese Women

Go to Taiwan. Don’t assume your skin color will win you any favors when it comes to dating. Also, learning Chinese goes a long way. Have a strong career plan, have money, and learn to save like a boss. Appeal to her family. Learn their customs and respect them. Again, learning Chinese really gets you brownie points here. Be someone who can offer to see the world to a girl.

If you follow these steps, you are going to make it in Taiwan’s relatively easy dating world. There isn’t nearly as much drama as there is in the States, but that’s because most Taiwanese are very straightforward.

Anyway, the point is, they’re straightforward, which makes dating sometimes easier–however longer. Remember too that a single Taiwanese woman isn’t going to want to date until they are ready to start their careers, as relationships are sometimes a distraction from that goal. Not always, but it’s a significant block if you want to date someone Taiwanese. Remember that there is a phenomenon that makes Taiwan special – pretty Taiwanese women. Taiwanese women are gorgeous and cordial, wise and funny, sweet and sexy simultaneously. Good luck, hope this helped.

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