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Updated on Feb 2023

Through several Asian Melodies dating site reviews, we have an opportunity to discover the truth about the website and what it can do for your love life. We aim to learn much about the benefits of using such a platform to locate the perfect Asian woman.

Nowadays, it is much more convenient to search for love through this establishment. You get to look through thousands of sexy girls in complete safety. The online dating platforms make life super easy and fast to get what you desire.

Site nameAsian Melodies
✅ Good forSingle men looking for Asian women
Dominate age of women25-34
All Profiles numberAlmost 2 million
? Women Profiles number700,000
What countries coversUK, USA, New Zealand, Australia
⚖️ LegitimateYes
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Asian Melodies Dating Site: Pros And Cons

There is little doubt that it is super important that when you visit a dating site, you want more positives than negatives. This will make you want to spend time on the platform and not run away as soon as you visit. People that use online dating establishments want easy and simple access to find their soulmate. You have to remember that Asian women are not only hot but very intelligent.

Asian Melodies Girls Profiles
Min 26 y.o.
Yang 24 y.o.
Fang 27 y.o.

So dating sites are a great place to find them. We have created a table below with the pros and cons of the dating site. Check it out and decide if you are interested in paying a visit to the dating website.

Thai Women Profiles
Arianna 27 y.o.
Alzbeta 28 y.o.
Diane 25 y.o.
A wide selection of hot Asian ladiesSome fake profiles
A safe dating site where you can date with peace of mindPersonal information is blocked on chats
Reliable customer support team 
Lots of long term relationships can be found here 

The table illustrates the pros and cons of the website. The good news is that the dating services that are offered through the website are loved by most users. It is an easy platform to enjoy from start to finish. Below is one of the reviews from a satisfied client of dating site.

user testimonial
user testimonial

Asian Melodies Functionality And Features

There are so many Asian dating sites available nowadays that it can be challenging to pick the right one. The features of an establishment can make a massive difference to your experience: the more free features, the better for every user. Asian melody caters to everyone who is looking for love online. We have decided to create a helpful list of the features that the asianmelodies site offers its clients.

Asian Melodies Girls Profiles
Ya 24 y.o.
Min 26 y.o.
Li 27 y.o.

With all these features, clients will have no excuse not to make an effort with the woman they admire. Clients may need to spend money, but if you want a loving relationship, it is required. It is easier than a real life meeting, where you will have to spend even more money in a bar or nightclub. You will also have to deal with more time wasters than using a dating service online:

  • Meeting request – When you want to use this feature to finally meet the Asian beauty you admire, you can pay 625 credits and get it done. You will also have to show your ID verification beforehand too. These are some of the paid features available at the Asian Melodies establishment.
  • Sending gifts or flowers – When you want to impress the Asian lady of your dreams, this is one of the paid features. You can send flowers, perfume, chocolates, all the stuff Asian ladies adore. Asian Melodies will allow you to track your delivery too. A dating service such as this is a winner.
  • Contact request – To get to this stage, you must send your ID documents for verification. You must spend at least 3000 credits communicating with charming Asian women. You can do this by chatting via video chat or other communication features. Getting contact details depends on the girl also; she must give you the green light and approve.
AsianMelodies features

These are all fantastic ways to contact the girl of your dreams. These features make it easy to impress them and get you in their good books. The best dating sites make it a pleasure to communicate with females. The platform certainly does that. With so many female profiles, you will have such a significant choice. What makes the dating site unique and stand out above all the other websites is its simplicity.

It is straightforward to get started on the platform and search for single mail order woman for marriage online. All the communication features are great allowing access to make a great connection with most women. You will find that other contact establishments may only have one top feature for its clients to use. Here you will find numerous features that assist in finding a soulmate.

Sign Up Process To Asian Melodies

We all want an easy and fast procedure to sign up for the website. We all want quick access to all the beautiful Japanese wife in the establishment. Fortunately, it will not take too long to get registered and start your journey on the platform. Everyone wants to get started as soon as possible, but it is never as easy.

The dating site will always need some vital information about each user. We have created a list of the signup process below. All these personal details are required before you can start your search through the site. You do not need to add photos or answer all the questions straight away; you are allowed to come back to them later:

  • Enter name, date of birth, gender, and e mail address.
  • You now will need to add a strong password.
  • Now you need to write about yourself and answer some questions. You need to add why you are looking for love and what type of person you require. Your favorite movies, music tastes, even guilty pleasures. It also requires you to write your occupation and a description of yourself. An excellent Asian dating website should ask for these details.
  • Now go into details about an Asian woman for marriage you are looking for. A self written introduction is a good idea at this stage. You need to add an age range and features of the girl you desire. Also, it is essential to add if you want brains or beauty in your partner.
  • Now you want to add a photo on your profile page so that others can be impressed. Make it a good one, as this is where you want to get all your attention. It is much easier to get serious relationships when you use photos.
  • Now the process is complete; you can get started searching for Asian women and locate a perfect future spouse.

The registration process, as you can see, is relatively detailed, but it should take no longer than 10 minutes. The details you need to enter are vital to get the best possible partner through the site. When you desire to start dating beautiful Asian women, this is undoubtedly the best way to do it. Just remember the more details you add to your profile page, the better your chances of finding love.

Other members of the website want to see as much information about you as they can. It will make them feel more comfortable chatting with you. You can also exchange private photos with as many ladies, if you wish, once you feel comfortable with that person.

AsianMelodies create account

Asian Melodies Free vs. Paid Membership

Who does not want to get things for free? Every user would love to be able to use these websites for free. There is good and bad news. The good news is that through the platform, you can register for free, and some features are free. But for full, unlimited access, you are required to pay. If you want to make contact with female members, you will need credits. Through using the fee based services, you have a much better success rate.

Asian Melodies Girls Profiles
Yan 27 y.o.
Xiu 24 y.o.
Fang 26 y.o.

The free services are excellent but do limit each user to the basics of the website. Once you have a Asianmelodies account, you will find that anytime you want to use certain features, you will be required to use credits. This is a fantastic way to use the website, as you will only pay for what you use. There are no monthly membership fees. Check out the table below for the various free services available vs. the paid services.

RegistrationAccess to live chat with no limits
Viewing female profilesOrder flowers and other gifts
Sending winksAbility to exchange photos
Creating a profile pageRequest contact details

As you can see from the table, there are lots of excellent features which are split into free features and paid features. So if you would like to use the Asian Melodies for free it is possible. But as we said, we certainly recommend paying for the other features as it will get you closer to date. You are more likely to have more luck when you use the premium features.

AsianMelodies search

Plans And Prices

It is essential to know what the cost of a platform is, before deciding to commit to it. So we have decided to investigate Asian Melodies online dating platform for the pricing. One of the best things about the website is the payment system. When you join the platform, you will use a credit system for payments.

All western men can pay for what they use rather than a monthly fee. When you have site pricing such as this, it is super convenient. All paying members will have to pay for whatever they use on the establishment. It creates a fair system of payment. The table below gives more details on this.

DurationCost / monthMembership
20 credits$0.15$2.99
50 credits$0.40$19.99
125 credits$0.36$44.99
250 credits$0.28$69.99

Rather than a monthly fee to use the platform, users need to pay for credits. The packages above allow clients to buy a certain number of them. With these credits, you are able to chat with various women from Asian countries.

How To Start Using Asian Melodies After Registration?

Once you visit site and complete the Asian Melodies sign up process, you are able to start having some fun online. Now you can search for the most suitable partner. As there are numerous girls looking for love, there are other members who will want you to surprise them.

They will then warm to you and feel more comfortable making contact with you. You can always send messages to those other users you admire. This is the most common way to start a romance online. With access to so many Asian countries, you can choose the perfect girl from several countries.

When you visit site, you will find a helpful support team who are always on hand if you require them. Another fine way of making contact with most Asian ladies is by exchanging media files, like photos or videos. By doing this, you are sure to make a positive impression and get to know each other well. By using video communication, you are able to have some fun online with your partner too.

One of the most romantic ways to impress a date when you visit site is by sending virtual gifts. You can send flowers, perfume or chocolates. It is a sure way to your girl’s heart. A reliable dating expert will tell you that you will score high marks with your date this way. There are so many ways to impress through online dating. All the various communication tools are fantastic ways to meet others online. When you browse profiles, you can see many females, who you will be interested in. The Asian Melodies caters to every single person out there. As you can see, these are the steps that can be taken after the Asian Melodies registration process.

AsianMelodies ladies

How To Use Credits?

Credits are simple to use when you visit site, and they can be purchased in packages, as we have shown above. The Asian melodies allow its users to use specific communication tools for a certain number of credits. For example, the live chat feature will cost two credits per minute. A chat video will cost 50 credits per video. Through online dating, all female members can be contacted. Your marital status will not matter to many girls online. But most user’s marital status will show as single.

Mobile Version Of Asian Melodies Site

Every user demands a good mobile site nowadays. That is what every client gets when they use the dating services. It is possible to open the browser on your mobile device and search for a perfect match. It works perfectly smoothly and will give you the same benefits as the desktop version. The only big difference will be using the smaller screen. Clients will still have access to customer support and all the great communication tools.

Asian Melodies Dating App

Nowadays, mobile applications are prevalent and easy to use. Currently, this Asian dating platform does not offer this dating style. Just because there is no application should not put any client off. The desktop version is available, which is brilliant, and you can use the mobile version through your phone. Just open your browser and get access to the mobile version of the website. You can access so many females from various Asian countries through your portable devices. All mobile users will be satisfied with the options of the platform.

AsianMelodies girl profile

Asian Melodies Safety & Security

You will not have to worry about safety on the Asianmelodies website. All sensitive data will not be shared, and the team is reliable and always willing to assist clients. If there are any suspicious accounts, the team will be ready to help. Whenever you make any payments through the website, you will be secure. Remember, the team is waiting around the clock; you need to send them an email. They are constantly working to make sure there are as few fake profiles as possible. As dating experts, we believe safety and security are top class here.

Asian Melodies Customer Support

What makes it special when you visit site is the top-quality team. They can be contacted via email and will get back to each client as soon as possible. Customer support is always eager to help those clients who are having some issues online. With a popular dating service such as this establishment, users will have all the assistance they require.

Overall Verdict

There is no doubt that when you visit site or dating sites, you want to have good access to features and a wide selection of girls—the site ticks all the boxes. There is an active pool of single women from different countries across Asia. Once you have an Asianmelodies account, you will have access to other women that are all interested in being with international men.

The site offers many options with regards to features as well as lots of safety. You can use a paid feature or the many free features. We have completed the table below to give every reader a breakdown of the website.

Site usability4/5
Mobile usability4/5
Customer Support4/5
Quality of profile4.2/5

As you can see from the table, Asian Melodies is a trustworthy platform. It helps those from the west search for Asian beauties online. The scores we have given the website are high and illustrate how impressed we are with Asian Melodies.

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Conclusion: Is Asian Melodies Worth It?

After reviewing this establishment, we can say it caters to serious relationships. You can find a member’s profile very fast, and they are all detailed, making it straightforward to date. The free version is available for those that prefer not to make any payments. But buying credits will undoubtedly make a difference in your results. You have access to countless beautiful females keen on contacting foreign men—so overall a quality platform that can make dreams come to reality.