Estonian Women: Who They are and How to Date Them

It is not surprising that a lot of foreign men are interested in girls from Estonia, as they are smart, attractive, and somehow mysterious. If you are aiming to date one of these beauties, you should get to know them better. Keep reading and you will figure out how to date beautiful Estonians and what amazing traits they possess.

European Women Profiles

Mila 23 y.o.
Location Amsterdam
Occupation Model
Kids No
Oliwia 24 y.o.
Location Kraków
Occupation Teacher
Kids No
Maria 21 y.o.
Location Litva
Occupation Student
Kids No

Estonian Women Features

You might know not much about beautiful Estonian women, but we assure you that they deserve all your attention. These ladies possess many personality traits that make them good friends and perfect wives. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of attractive Estonian women and discover the secret of their perfection.

Estonia Females as Wives

Family is one of the main values in the culture of locals. Girls from childhood are taught to be caring wives and amazing mothers. For Estonian women marriage is a big and responsible step. That’s why they put all their effort into making their married life happy. If you date a hot Estonian girl, be sure that she will stay passionate even after marriage because they know how important it is for building a successful married life.

Why Are Estonians So Beautiful?

Estonian beauty is all about diversity. Most girls have fair skin, light eyes and blonde hair, but you can also meet local people with dark hair or olive skin.

Because of their beauty Estonian women most beautiful are popular among European men. Additionally to the influence of their genes, ladies in Estonia are perfectionists and take good care of their appearance. But unlike other girls, they prefer to look natural, without overdressing and tones of makeup.

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Stereotypes About Women From Estonia: Truth and Myth

Local people have many stereotypes about their culture, appearance, habits, and personality. Sometimes, foreigners compare beautiful girls from Estonia to Russian ones or even think they are Russians. Let’s find out what stereotypes are totally false, and what is do relate to women in Estonia.

Truth Myth
Hot Estonian girls are extremely competitive and aim for perfection. In Estonia girl is the same as Slavic girls
They are value their culture the most and will never agree to turn back on it Tallinn girls drink a lot
They are obsessed with the sauna Every local girl is tall and blonde-hair

Best Ways to Meet Women From Estonia

There are some unspoken rules in Estonia about places where it is appropriate to meet Estonian women and where it is not. That’s why we recommend you to look at this list of the best places for dating in Estonia:

  • Bars and clubs. Traditional places for meeting new friends, flirting, and enjoying networking.
  • Dating apps and websites. It is the fastest and easiest way to find singles in Estonia both when you are here or in another country.
  • Sauna. This place is one of the most popular activities for local people. People here become relaxed and talkative, which is perfect for those who are aiming to meet new people.

Dating Estonian Women: Pros & Cons

International dating can be tricky for those who are not prepared for it. It is much better to know not only about the good traits of Estonian babes but also about the bad ones. How does dating an Estonian woman feel? Here are the main pros and cons of Estonia girls.

Pros Cons
They are grounded and calm Most Estonia women are very shy and introverted
Hot Estonian women tend to have long-term relationships They are perfectionists in everything
Women of Estonia are feminine and tender partners

Dating Websites With Ladies from Estonia

What are the most famous dating apps and platforms in Estonia? Where to meet Tallinn women? In the list down below, you will find out answers to these questions. Here are 5 popular apps for Estonia dating:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • IHappyDate
  • OkCupid
  • Mingle2

Tips on Winning an Estonian Girl’s Heart

How to make an Estonian female fall in love with you? It seems hard because of the cultural differences, but we can assure you that your chances to get among girls from Estonia are much higher. Here are our tips for successful dating:

  • Make the first move
  • Ask her for a romantic date in a fancy restaurant
  • Let her be alone sometimes, respect her private life
  • Be ready for a lot of sarcasm in your conversations

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What Do Girls From Estonia Like in American Men?

Are Estonian women easy to date for American men? Why does an Estonia woman choose Americans instead of local men? We found the answer to these questions:

  • American men are initiative
  • They know how to surprise their partners
  • They are open-minded and treat girls like an equal


Gorgeous Estonian females are not easy to approach, but they are definitely worth all your efforts. Their natural beauty is complemented by mild temper, kindness, and a good sense of humor. Dating an Estonia beautiful woman means getting a loyal, thoughtful partner who knows how to build happy relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ladies from Estonia Loyal?

Girls from this country prefer to build serious relationships and work on them. They are loyal and honest partners who dedicate themselves to their loved ones. With an Estonian girlfriend, you can build truthful and happy relationships.

Are Females from Estonia Nice?

Ladies from Estonia possess many amazing personality traits which are combined with their charming beauty. They can seem shy in public, but once you get to know them better you will see that they are nice and lively.

How to Approach an Estonian Girl?

Any Estonian woman will expect you to make the first step. Keep in mind that Estonian are not fans of meaningless conversations and small talk. Be a gentleman and show your serious intentions, it will help to win the girl’s attention.

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