Vietnamese Women: A Full Dating Guide

A rich historical past, the beauty of the white-sand beaches of the South China Sea, climatic diversity, nature reserves, UNESCO sites, excellent cuisine, world-class infrastructure, combined with the hospitality of the Vietnamese – all this will make your trip to Vietnam unforgettable. But there is also another thing that makes foreign men visit this country – attractive Vietnamese women. If you are one of the men interested in dating a Vietnamese woman, you are just in the right place. This article will tell you everything about Vietnam dating culture and Vietnamese females. Let’s start!

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About Vietnamese Women

Many men say that Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful women from all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of them are looking for these pretty ladies who are considered natural, feminine, elegant, and attractive. But with what other characteristics do the exotic Vietnamese ladies attract men? Here are the typical characteristics of women from vietnam. So, meet Vietnamese girls!

Typical Appearance of Vietnamese Girls

Ladies from Vietnam are known for their natural beauty and attractive appearance: black hair, slender bodies, almond-shaped eyes, a delicate figure, golden skin, an enchanting smile, and a reserved manner. Beautiful Vietnamese women attach great importance to personal care and, therefore, often use numerous cosmetic products and perfumes. That’s why most men immediately notice the charming fragrance in addition to the emphatically feminine charisma.

Beautiful Vietnamese ladies radiate femininity and attractiveness. The specific characteristics of Vietnamese women, that make men dream about dating a Vietnamese female include natural beauty, diligence, loyalty, modesty, and grace. Vietnamese women are often good cooks and perfect housewives. Many Western men appreciate all these characteristics because they often miss them among local women. That’s why they dream about dating a Vietnamese girl and marrying her afterward.

Vietnamese Women

What About the Character of Vietnamese women?

If interested in dating Vietnamese girls, you should understand what they are like. Sexy Vietnamese women can show empathy, which makes them truly good friends and excellent wives. Vietnamese women are also extremely intelligent and reserved. Despite being highly passionate, hot Vietnam women know how to control their feelings.

What Do Vietnamese Girls Expect From Their Partners?

The desire of an average Vietnamese girl to have a family and children is very pronounced. A Vietnamese woman is usually looking for a man who protects and takes care of her and her children. She wants a self-confident, successful, emotionally stable, reliable, loyal, and mentally strengthened man. Such a lady doesn’t want a man to be a billionaire or a businessman: he should be open-minded and loyal first of all.

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Dating Vietnamese Women: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Them

Vietnam has become one of the most favorite tourist destinations among tourists, which is not surprising. People in this country are very friendly and responsive. At the same time, their smiles have nothing to do with American or Turkish cordiality on duty. Vietnamese are a very sincere nation. Let’s consider several national traits by getting acquainted with the peculiarities of behavior of local women.

Vietnamese Girls Don’t Like to Sunbathe

Both women who are living in the provinces of Vietnam and city girls like the whiteness of their skin. To be more precise, Vietnamese women try their best to avoid sunbathing. That’s because in Asian countries, darkness is a sign of a low social level. Therefore, Vietnamese are constantly wrapped literally from head to toe in clothes and even in the 30-degree heat, wear gloves, as well as constantly use sunscreen and whitening creams.

On the beaches of Nha Trang and Da Nang, you will never meet local residents. Sunbathing during peak hours is accepted only by tourists.

Insolation is the worst enemy of youth. Due to the long stay under direct sunlight, skin cells (fibroblasts) that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid cope worse with their task. As a result, the aging process starts – wrinkles and age spots appear. So we recommend adopting the habit of women of Vietnam and, if possible, not sunbathing or doing it very rarely, previously protected by creams with a high SPF level.

vietnamese girls

They Dress Similarly

Vietnam hot women will never get hysterical having noticed a woman in the same clothes at a party or just during a walk. This is not a “deadly problem” here. In Vietnam cities, wearing similar clothes is quite common.

Vietnamese Girl is Very Strong

A Vietnamese woman will take anything; you will realize this having taken a look at a local lady at least once. Local women, especially street vendors, transport heavy boxes and bales on their backs every day in the heat. At the same time, Vietnamese women won’t even have the idea of asking a man to help them.

For the sake of laughter, some of them arrange tests for male tourists, offering them to walk with their cargo. Few are those who can cope with the task. Again, we note that everything is very individual. Of course, not every Vietnam girl is super strong; here, we are talking more about villagers and ordinary hardworking people who are numerous in this country.


They Have a Soft Character

Another reason why foreigners love Vietnam is that local women are not as emancipated as in feminized countries but are also not super modest. The soft character of Vietnamese girl, the classical understanding of the role of a man, and the corresponding attitude towards him captivate many tourists.

Most Vietnamese Women Don’t Hold Feminist Views

This paragraph is a logical continuation of the previous one. Unlike other women (especially Western), a Vietnamese wife will not insist on equality. Vietnamese women do not want emancipation at all. Vietnam people adhere to traditional values and calmly treat the patriarchal order.

By the way, the analog of March 8 in Vietnam is celebrated on October 20. It was on this day in 1930 that the Vietnam Women’s Union was established. On this holiday, girls put on national costumes and relax with other compatriots.

How To Attract Vietnamese Women in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam is highly specific, and its traditions and habits differ significantly from those in Western Europe. This makes it all the more important to deal a little with the most important aspects: it will help in dating Vietnamese girls a lot.

  1. Communication. The search for a permanent relationship is of huge importance for Vietnamese girls. Vietnamese women would like to know where they stand and attach great importance to very open and honest communication.
  2. Respect and kindness. The gentle character of the women from Vietnam is one of the first things you will notice when dating Vietnamese girls. Therefore, men must treat them with kindness and respect.
  3. Slow approach. If you are already dating Vietnamese girls, the first dates are primarily about getting to know each other and talking. If you respect this, it shows the Vietnamese girl your real interest.
  4. Interest in traditions. If you meet Vietnamese women and fall in love with one of them, you should respect the woman and the family and the traditions of the country. Ask and let a bride explain what is important to her. Dating Vietnamese girls will be much easier if you support your loved one.

List of Places Where to Meet Vietnamese Women in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh, South Vietnam, is the largest and busiest city in Vietnam. There are endless business centers, shopping centers, and cafes where you can meet ambitious and intelligent singles. You should also visit the restaurants Sorae Restaurant&Lounge, Propaganda, and Poke Saigon. The nightclubs Lush, Lost in Saigon, and NASA represent the vibrant nightlife that this city has to offer.

Another nice city for those interested in dating Vietnamese girls is Hanoi. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, but it is very different from other Asian capitals you may have visited. It is a relatively quiet city with many historical sights, where you can meet numerous attractive women. You should also visit Duong’s Restaurant, Little Hanoi and Green Tangerine restaurants, and the Nineteen Bar, Infinity Club, and The Opera nightclubs: it will increase your chances significantly.

North Vietnam is a different world from the bustling city life of Ho Chi Minh. This region is more laid-back, and the locals are known for their friendliness and hospitality. You can meet singles in Hanoi, the capital of North Vietnam, at popular spots like Cafe Duy Tri, Green Mango, andellarium Cafe & Restaurant.

5 Interesting Facts About Ho Chi Minh City Ladies

Are you planning a trip to Ho Chi Minh and would like to learn even more about local brides? Here are several things for you to know not to feel surprised once in the country.

  • Women wear a mask and gloves to preserve their beauty. Masks are often worn in this area. For us, this is a sign that someone is sick or there is a flu epidemic in the city. But in Vietnam, masks serve another function. Girls wear them to protect their skin from the sun’s rays. Locals generally try to hide their skin from the sun as much as possible. The paler the skin, the better, since tanned skin is considered an indicator of a low position in society (we have mentioned it earlier). And some men even grow long nails to show that they do not do manual labor.
  • Vietnamese women are miniature. All Vietnamese are short. The average height of men here is 166 cm, and women – 155 cm. Therefore, if your height, for example, is 175, then you will be mistaken for a giant.
  • Vietnamese women can arrange a personal life in just a couple of minutes. Although the percentage of ladies is about 50% in the country, so there is no shortage, men willingly get acquainted with ladies on the streets. Vietnamese girls have no problem with it at all. To do this, Vietnamese women simply slow down and pretend that they are thinking or that they supposedly need to look around. After a second and a half, interested guys are already running up to them. It makes Vietnam women dating even easier: you can use this trick too!
  • Love fair. Every year since 1919, people from the diverse and even very remote provinces of Vietnam have come to a village called Hau Wai for a “love fair.” This holiday provides an opportunity for single people of all ages to find their soul mate.
  • A moped is a best friend. The fact is that in Vietnam, a car is considered a luxury. An ordinary local cannot imagine himself without a bike and can fit his whole life into a 2-wheeled vehicle: transport a family of 5 people from point A to point B, load even the bulkiest cargo (refrigerators, bull carcasses, gas cylinders) or just comfortably accommodate and relax.

vietnamese-women-profile 5

Vietnamese vs. Western Women: Differences

We have already discussed some major differences, so let’s summarize:

Vietnamese Western
Vietnamese girls are not feminists; the majority of them consider men leaders. They strive for equality
They always respect men and rarely quarrel. If a Western bride doesn’t like something, she will not stand it. Respect towards men is less pronounced.
Vietnamese women make excellent housewives and mothers. Western hotties are often focused on building careers and few of them want to become housewives.
Vietnamese girlfriend can combine family life and work and don’t look for fields of gold. Western brides are usually focused on one thing, be it a career or household chores. Besides, the majority of them are looking for wealthy husbands.


Family Life With One of the Local Brides: What Is It Like?

We have finally approached the most interesting topic: family life, which may be pretty different from dating Vietnamese wives. What is it like?

Vietnamese Girls in Ho Chi Minh Household

You are probably very attracted to these brides and can easily imagine going out with one of them. Local girls are also very popular for marriage, especially among Western men. Here are just three of the many qualities that make them such an appealing idea for an American man.

  • Natural mothers. It may sound cheesy, but Vietnamese girls are born to become mothers, and motherhood makes them even more caring and attentive than they are. Vietnamese girls shine as mothers, but they do not make their husbands feel abandoned when the baby arrives, which is a rare characteristic among women.
  • Fantastic in the kitchen. It is difficult to find a Vietnamese girl who is not a talented cook. Vietnamese girls learn the art of cooking from the family matriarchs, but they don’t just rely on centuries-old recipes to cook for their families. Vietnamese women also like to try out new recipes and flavors to the delight of their loved ones.
  • Ready for marriage to last forever. When a bride gets married, she assumes that she will stay with a man until the end of time. It means that a woman will be 100% loyal to you, and it also means that she listens to your needs and always ensures that you have everything you want. When dating Vietnamese girls, you will notice how loyal they are.

Vietnamese Families

The Confucian worldview still has a great impact on family relations. The principle of respect for elders is also extended here.

The roles in the family are very clear. Men dominate, while the husband and adult sons provide material wealth if they still remain in their parents’ family.

The wife is a “home general,” and she ensures order in the house. Divorces are not as frequent as in Western countries. Unlike Western values that preach the importance of individuality over society, Vietnam has the following non-political hierarchy: clan-family-person (in China – family-clan-person). In families, ladies adhere to oriental traditions in determining the head of the family. The family includes not only the husband, wife, and unmarried children but also the husband’s parents, sons, and daughters-in-law’s children. The extended family also includes close relatives and close relatives who have the same surnames and have the same ancestors, and live in the same community.
Traditional Vietnamese culture for a Vietnamese girl to dress in long, flowing dresses called áo dài. The áo dài is considered to be a symbol of Vietnamese culture and is often worn on special occasions.
Vietnamese society is based on the idea of filial piety, which means that children are obligated to take care of their parents as they age. This can often mean that grown children will continue to live with their parents.

Weddings in Ho Chi Minh City

A wedding requires significant expenses, especially if a pompous celebration is planned with the invitation of many guests. The birth of a young family can be celebrated for a whole week and is often celebrated in the house of the groom, or bride, or in a restaurant. A special table is arranged for the whole community and neighbors.

The bride cannot do with one dress on such a protracted holiday. Usually,Vietnamese woman prepares at least four outfits. Traditionally, at the wedding, the bride wears the national dress. This is a set of wide trousers and a long dress, the side slits of which start almost from the chest level. Silk or satin is used in tailoring; brocade can be used as inserts, and embroideries are performed with metallic threads.

An important moment in Western weddings is the registration of marriage. In Vietnam, this stage is not given attention. The newlyweds can go to the city hall alone in their everyday attire. The main point is the wedding in the temple. The bride can choose all the outfits for the wedding as she wishes. But in the temple, it can only be in the national ao dai of red color.

Now it is difficult to find rickshaws on the streets of cities; they have been replaced by bicycles, cars, and buses. But rich brides and grooms go to the temple on such an exotic form of transport. It is luxuriously decorated. After the wedding, the newlyweds and their relatives and friends take a walk. For this stage, the bride prepares special dresses.

The Final Thoughts

As you can see, finding an exotic Vietnamese woman is now easier than ever! Choose a reliable dating platform, utilize our recommendations, and you will find what you need! Vietnamese woman is an excellent choice for those who want to find a loyal and caring partner. These ladies are perfect for marriage as they know how to take care of their husbands and children.


How Do You Know if a Vietnamese Girl Likes You?

Although being different from other brides, local ladies show sympathy similar to any other hotties: they smile, react to compliments, always call you back, etc. If a lady is ready to let you meet her family, it's a great sign too.

Where to Find Vietnamese Girls?

You can try your fortune in major cities, but it will be even better to utilize one of the modern dating platforms. This way, your experience will be completely worry-free and unproblematic. Diverse filters and a huge number of candidates will make the search process really enjoyable.

Why Do Vietnamese Women Marry American Men?

The answer is simple: they want to live better. Besides, Americans are considered princes. Brides are convinced they are romantic, reliable, and wealthy. Indeed, these hotties are not gold diggers, but there is nothing wrong with a desire for a better life.

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