Vietnamese Brides and Ways to Bring Them to the US

If you have ever visited Vietnam, you will understand how attractive mail order brides are from the country. The women from this region are drop-dead gorgeous. There is a massive demand for Vietnamese brides from Western men. Through this article, you will learn all about women from Vietnam and how they can be your mail order bride.

Why Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Popular Among US Men? 

Women from Vietnam are sought after as they are super attractive. Many Western men desire a Vietnam bride in their personal life. This is because they are hardworking, loyal, and very kind-hearted. Vietnam mail order brides have stunning skin and amazing eyes. Vietnamese brides are traditional wives that Western men adore. When you have a Vietnamese girl by your side, you have a dedicated partner. All women from Vietnam love to treat their husbands like kings; this is exactly why Western men are lining up for women from Vietnam. 

Vietnamese Brides

What Are The Challenges That US Men May Face When Dating Or Marrying a Vietnamese Bride? 

American men may have to deal with a language barrier with Vietnam women. There is a cultural difference between Vietnamese brides and brides from the US. As women from Vietnam have different ideals about life and relationships, it can be a challenge. But girls from Vietnam, especially from Ho Chi Minh City, are easy to deal with.

You will find women from these regions in Vietnam are mail order brides who can easily compromise. You may face some challenges when dating ladies of Vietnamese dating culture. However, you get a loyal and loving wife in the end. Vietnamese brides are worth all the effort you put in. 

How To Find a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride? 

The best way to meet Vietnamese women from Ho Chi Minh is through a dating site. You get to chat with countless Vietnamese women from Vietnam. So many mail order brides are waiting from Vietnam online. Below are the reasons why this is the best option. 

Marriage Agencies 

If you want assistance, Vietnamese marriage agencies to locate women from Vietnam is a great idea. Vietnamese women are eager to meet foreign men, and marriage agencies provide a safe environment. Changing your personal life is simple when you use mail order brides agencies online. You are only a click away from having a Vietnamese wife. 

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Dating Websites and Apps 

Many women from Vietnam like the idea of being a mail order bride. So they turn to mail order brides Vietnamese dating sites. There are brilliant features that foreign men can use to connect with Vietnamese mail order brides. Because Vietnamese brides are in such demand, a dating site is ideal. As Ho Chi Minh City is so small, a woman from Vietnam can change their life through a mail order bride dating platform. 

Benefits Of Using Dating Sites

The benefits of using mail order bride sites to meet women from Vietnam are plenty. Vietnamese women can be found in their thousands online. Here are some pros of using the mail order brides sites:

  • A Vietnamese girl enjoys using the chat features online
  • Vietnamese brides enjoy the convenience of dating online
  • Easy to meet a Vietnamese bride through mail order brides sites than offline

These are some of the advantages of meeting women from Vietnam online. You will love the Vietnamese girls you will see when you go online. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride?

The cost of Vietnam women can be as little as $3,000 or up to $7,000. You should budget between $2,000 and $10,000 for Vietnamese women online. A wedding ceremony and travel cost are some of the things you should consider when marrying a Vietnamese girl. 

vietnamese mail order brides

Understanding The Various Costs Involved In The Process

You need to be aware of various mail order brides costs, such as dates, presents, membership fees, and travel.

The Cost Of Using a Reputable Dating Agencies 

You may have to pay up to $30 for a reliable Vietnamese mail order brides platform. These fees are usually monthly. 

Global Sites With Premium Plan

Eharmony6 months/12 months/24 months$359.40/$478.80/$717.60 USD
EliteSingles3 months/6 months/12 months/$113.85/$131.70/$239.40
Zoosk1 month/3 months/6 months$29.95/$59.95/$65.99

Niche Sites With Credit System 

Eastern Honeys$9.99/20 credits, $19.99/50 credits, $44.99/125 credits, $69.99/250 credits, $149.99/750 credits
Asian Melodies$9.99/20 credits, $19.99/50 credits, $44.99/125 credits, $69.99/250 credits
Charm Romance$9.99/20 credits, $19.99/50 credits, $44.99/125 credits, $69.99/250 credits

Niche Sites With Premium Plans 

EastMeetEast1 month$30
Asian Dating1 week/1 month/3 months/12 months/$20.87/$41.40/$83.00/$165.00
Blossoms1 month/3 months/6 months/12 months$29.95/$49.95/$79.95/$119.95 
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Top Dating Apps to Meet Brides from Vietnam

These are some of the finest Vietnamese women websites to use for online dating. 

  • Asian Melodies
  • Eastern Honeys
  • Charm Romance
  • TheLuckyDate
  • Orchid Romance

With these five top Vietnamese girl apps, western guys can expect lots of success. Vietnamese brides are waiting to chat with international men online. 

The Cost Of Traveling To Vietnam To Meet Your Potential Bride 

To travel to Vietnam, the price of a ticket can cost up to $800 for a return ticket. Meeting Vietnamese girls is undoubtedly worth the money. So this is money well spent. You Vietnamese girl will be highly impressed when you visit her. Vietnamese women appreciate a man making an effort to meet face to face. 

The Cost Of Obtaining Visas And Other Legal Requirements 

Getting the correct visa to bring a woman from Vietnam to the US is important. Fortunately, visiting Ho Chi Minh City as an American, you get a visa on arrival. To marry your Vietnam bride in the US, you require a K-1 visa. Vietnamese brides have 90 days to marry once in the US. This costs around from $500 to $2,000. 

The Ongoing Costs Of Supporting Your New Bride After Marriage 

Vietnamese women require ongoing support, such as accommodation, food, etc. These costs can rise to $500 per month. Some women from Vietnam will not require as much money. 

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Husbands’ Stories About Finding Vietnamese Wives 

Luckily I found my Vietnamese girl within six days through Charm Romance. I can safely say women from Vietnam are 1 in a million wives. I have not been happier in my life. Vietnamese brides put their husbands first, unlike American wives. I would never choose women other than Vietnamese ever again. A Vietnamese lady will change your life. 

Mike, 50

I have been with my Vietnamese lady for one year, and we met through Asian melodies. She comes from Ho Chi Minh and is a Vietnamese woman with a big, warm heart. She became my Vietnamese wife 5 months ago, and we are truly happy together. Anyone interested in meeting women from Vietnam should go for it online. 

Benjamin, 43

I divorced my US wife 2 years ago and was always interested in Vietnamese ladies. Signing up at Eastern Honeys dating website, I was lucky to meet my beautiful woman from Vietnam. I found Vietnamese women so much more attractive than Western girls. You will find Vietnamese brides will be loyal and keen to satisfy their man. All women from Vietnam take relationships super seriously. They are totally dedicated to their partners. 

Jerry, 41

Guide To Get Vietnamese Mail Order Bride

To find a good dating site you want to look for a trusted and reputable Vietnamese website. Vietnamese women want to see a full profile bio, so account creation and filling it with as many details as possible is essential. To chat with Vietnamese brides, you need to use online communication tools. The most popular tools are text chat and video chat features. Using these features to connect with women from Vietnam online is super convenient.

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Locating the perfect Vietnamese girl using search tools is essential. This will allow you to specify the most suitable Vietnamese woman. To start on a dating platform, you may have to present your ID verification documents for security reasons to prove you’re a real person.

Once this is complete, you have the right to ask for a date request with a Vietnamese woman. It is always a good idea to meet face to face. This gets you closer to a Vietnamese wife. By using a site that has a credit system for payments, you only pay for services you use. 

Creating a Winning Profile: Dos and Don’ts for US Men 

Vietnamese women want to see a nice profile page when they search for US guys. These are some do’s and don’ts.


  • Vietnamese women adore quality photos
  • The majority of women from Vietnam want details of their men online
  • Always be polite and kind-hearted


  • Vietnamese women never want to see other girls in your photos
  • Never be arrogant and rude online
  • It is not a good idea to show off to your Vietnamese bride

These are simple tips to assist you in meeting Vietnamese ladies online. So many Vietnamese mail order brides will like your profile better with these tips. 

How To Start A Conversation And Build A Connection 

Girls from Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh, need patience and need to feel comfortable. So being polite and warm will make Vietnamese brides adore you. A Vietnamese girl needs your attention and enjoys it when you ask questions. Being curious is a sure way to impress Vietnam ladies.

Meeting in Person: Etiquette and Expectations 

Meeting face-to-face with a Vietnamese woman is a pleasure. Some good tips to follow are to be polite, respectful, and generous. Women from Vietnam appreciate a positive and fun guy. Vietnamese mail order brides expect men to take the lead and be a gentleman. The country Vietnam is all about respect and honor, so Vietnamese brides will like a man that holds these attributes. A Vietnamese woman wants a kind, patient partner, unlike local men who are gamblers and heavy drinkers. 

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Get a Vietnamese Wife To The US Legally

The K1 visa is required to marry a woman from Vietnam in the US. Vietnamese girls will need to enter the US in 90 days and get married. Once she becomes your Vietnamese wife, you will wait for the green card. Vietnamese brides may have to wait up to 2 years for this residence. The good news is that many women from Vietnam have received green cards to live in America. There are thousands of Vietnamese brides all over the country. A Vietnamese wife is extremely popular because Vietnamese women are perfect partners. 

How Can We Help You? 

Using Vietnamese women websites to locate a Vietnamese wife is the fastest way to success. You want to try out different Vietnamese sites until you feel comfortable online. There are so many girls from Vietnam searching for a US husband. Using the Vietnamese sites we have mentioned in this article can lead to you finding a girl from Vietnam quickly. It is great to navigate through a simple website to locate the perfect Vietnamese girl. 

You always want to use sites that have good customer support in case you or your Vietnamese girl gets into any trouble. To be a success with Vietnamese brides, you should be patient and polite. Always remember that girls from Vietnam are subservient and eager for the man to lead a relationship. One thing is for sure you will never regret a Vietnamese wife. When you are looking for a Vietnamese brides platform, look for good search filters and verified profiles. This will assist you in meeting a reliable Vietnamese bride. 

ho chi minh city


Why do Western men want to marry Vietnamese women?

They like Vietnamese brides because they are sexy and attractive. American men also desire a traditional wife, and Vietnamese women offer that. Unlike US brides, Vietnamese mail order brides are loyal and dedicated to one man. This appeals greatly to US single men.

Is it hard to date Vietnamese women?

Vietnamese brides are easy to talk to and be with. Once you get past any language barriers, you will find Vietnamese women warm, caring, and eager to be loved. When you date Vietnamese mail order brides, as long as you are honest and positive, girls from Vietnam will appreciate you. 

What are the best places to meet Vietnamese girls?

The best place to meet Vietnamese women is through dating platforms where single girls from Vietnam are waiting. Meeting Vietnamese ladies through dating sites is safe, fast, and convenient. A Vietnamese bride enjoys using online platforms to chat and meet new people. As there are thousands of single Vietnamese bride offers online, it is the best way to connect with ladies from Vietnam.

What is the cost of buying a Vietnamese mail order bride?

The cost varies with each person, but in general, a Vietnamese woman can cost around $3,000 to $10,000. Using a reliable site will make all the difference. You can use marriage agencies to help you every step of the way. Women from Vietnam are worth every penny you spend. 

What do I need to do to bring my Vietnamese spouse to the US?

Bringing your Vietnamese bride to the US can take some time. You need to be patient and apply for a k1 visa. This can take over 1 year to receive. It allows US citizens the opportunity to marry their bride from Vietnam within 90 days. Failure to do this will result in an invalid visa and needing to leave the US. So you and your Vietnamese bride must follow all the rules.

Why do you need professional service?

A professional dating service can assist single US men with their dream of meeting a Vietnamese bride. A Vietnamese woman dreams of being with foreign men, so marriage agencies cater to their needs the best. These services allow Vietnamese females to sit back and choose the best guy online. As an American man, you can use filters to search for the Vietnamese woman of your dreams.

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