Dating Slovakian Women – how do they see perfect dates?

Updated on Feb 2023

European ladies are becoming more and more popular among western men. And Slovakian women own an absolute record in conquering the men’s hearts. They combine beauty and strength, magnetism and coldness. If you are interested in these mysterious goddesses, this article is for you.

Slovakia is a country in the east of Central Europe. We do not know much about it, though the country is worth discovering. According to travel blogs, in this country, the geographical midpoint of Europe is located. Its nature is diverse and intact, its culture is deep and ancient, but its girls… You could never take a look away from the beautiful women of Slovakia once you see them! Read on and find out how to get such a hot girlfriend.

Helpful information for a better dating experience with Slovakian women.

Major cities to meet Slovakian womenBratislava, Košice, Žilina
Trusted dating websites to meet Slovakian womenDateUkrainianGirl, FindEuropeanWomen, DateRussianGirl
Their dating expectationsHave a common vision of the future, have an interest in her culture and background
How to impress Slovakian womenShow good manners, make her laugh, remember details she tells you, be a good conversationalist

What Do Typical Slovakian Women Look Like?

You can easily figure out a local woman’s face features – just look at Angelina Jolie or Audrey Hepburn. These beautiful and talented ladies have Slovakian blood in their veins. Angelina Jolie’s grandfather was from Kosice and Audrey Hepburn’s grandmother was born in Kovarce – both cities in Slovakia.

Slovakian Women Profiles
Clare 25 y.o.
Adriana 27 y.o.
Maya 28 y.o.

A Unique Natural Beauty

It is hard to describe with words but you always know it when you look at a girl from this country. The women’s faces have sophisticated features: big clear eyes, usually blue or green, plump lips always wearing lipstick. Plastic surgery is not popular among Slovakian girls. The truth is they do not need it – Slavic women are the most beautiful in the world.

Slovakian Women

The Women’s Hair

This aspect is worth a separate paragraph. All Slavic people traditionally treat women’s hair with awe. A thick braid has always been a sign of beauty, health, and fertility in girls. Consequently, the majority of attractive Slovakian women have long hair of natural color.

Classy and Posh

Slovakia is a developed country with an advanced high-income economy, which means people are wealthy and spend a lot on their appearance. Slovakian women choose stylish but not excessive clothes. They are excellent at combining their attire with accessories and makeup. Those ladies never leave the house in crumpled or unmatching clothes.

European Women Profiles
Abella 25 y.o.
Ingrid 27 y.o.
Mia 28 y.o.

The Character of Slovakian Women

Before creating a family with women of Slovakia you should know the main features of their character. However, from some points of view, they do not differ much from typical Western people.

Slovakian Girls

Slovakian Girls Are Stubborn

Slovakian girls are cute in their stubbornness, however, they always strive for justice and equality. They show perseverance in the face of adversity, which helps them build a successful career as well.

Slovakian Girls Are Financially Independent

As we have already mentioned, Slovakia is a wealthy country and locals are eager to earn money and lead a fancy life. You cannot seduce pretty Slovakian women with a thick wallet, although it does not mean they reject valuable gifts.

Slovakian Girls Like Being in Charge

Slovakian women are a bad choice for men who look for a quiet and obedient partner. These ladies are those who wear the pants and are eager to defend their borders or choices. Just like all Slavs, they appreciate their freedom in all meanings.

Slovakian bride

Slovakian Girls Are Family-Oriented

Although Slovakian society now does not promote marrying at a young age, Slovakian girls want to have family and children one day. They are usually good and caring mothers as well as faithful wives. An important detail is that they expect the same from their husbands.

Emma 29 y.o.
Isabella 27 y.o.
Lillian 28 y.o.

Slovakian Girls Are Disco Girls

Another one Slovakian women features are their love of parties, fun, and constant movement. They want everyone to live and let live. If you go out with them, you will feel that energy and positive thinking. Noone compares to sexy Slovakian women on a dancefloor!

An Average Slovakian Woman: Pitfalls and Stereotypes

Ladies from this country suffer not only from general women stereotypes but specific stereotypes about the Slovakian nation.

Slovakian VS Slovenian

For those who fled the Geography lessons at school: Slovakia and Slovenia are completely different countries existing in Europe at the same time now. Just like Austria and Australia! If you ask Slovakian women if they are Slovenian, consider your date to be over. Locals do not tolerate such brutal ignorance.

Slovakian Girls Are Lazy

Another fake spread by ill-wishers. Not only are these ladies hard-working and persistent, but also they despise lazy boys. They find wealthy western men attractive not because they are gold-diggers but because money is a sign of diligence and a sharp mind.

Beautiful Slovakian Women Drink Like Fish

This stereotype has grown on the grounds of the Slovakian national strong alcohol – slivovitz or borovička. Slivovica is a plum brandy, aged for about three years in oak barrels. Borovička is a juniper brandy with a dry taste. The alcohol content of both can easily exceed 40%. Nevertheless, the new statistics stand for Slovakian girls. Compared to Germany, Spain, or France, females in Slovakia drink little alcohol – only 5.3 liters per year.

Slovakian wives

Places to Meet Slovakian Women

We recommend starting the search in the capital of Slovakia – the city of Bratislava. There, men have a good chance to find a great single Slovakian woman because of several reasons:

  • People in the capital are more open and friendly
  • In tourist places, many girls know English, so it will be easy to communicate
  • Ladies in big cities are usually more beautiful and well-groomed

Bratislava is a very diverse city with both cultural attractions and active nightlife. Foreign men should check out the most popular nightlife spots in the city:

  • Rio Grande Nightclub
  • Channels club
  • Barrock
  • Trafo Music Bar
  • Randal
  • Sky Bar
  • Le club
  • Nu Spirit Club
  • FUGA
  • Loft or Majestic

In the nightclubs, you will have no difficulty hooking up hot Slovakian girls. On the other hand, if you want to get a bride from this country, it is more reasonable to visit less noisy places. Traditionally, family-oriented and calm ladies do not hang out in bars and clubs.

For example, walk in the local park – Rusovsky Park, Baroque Gardens by the Castle, or Lake Kuchajda. By the way, the park on Lake Kuchajda is a popular place among young people who practice sports. There you can meet sporty singles.

meet Slovakian women

Options for Online Dating Slovakian Girls And Slovakian Women

There are plenty of online dating sites to find a perfect woman for an affair or marriage. Western men who seek single Slovakian ladies should check the platforms below.

  1. International Cupid. This dating site has been helping males find European women to their tastes for more than 10 years. It has a good matching system and advanced features.
  2. LoveAwake. It is a free dating site recommended for those who are only starting their journey to European beauty. It is specialized in Slovakian women.
  3. is a dating app of good quality. With thousands of female users, you will surely find a great match.
  4. Tinder. One of the best dating sites in history, Tinder unites the hearts of people from all around the world. It might be even better to look for Slovakian girls there rather than on special dating sites because the users are more open-minded and do not seek for ‘golden marriage’.
  5. Ashley Madison. This one belongs to dating apps for one-night affairs and hookups. However, this may be a good beginning: try a casual date with Slovakian women to decide if they are your type.

Although online dating platforms are great for bride-seekers, do not forget about the safety measures and widespread scams. Choose an app wisely.

How to Woo Beautiful Women From Slovakia

Winning the heart of Slovakian girls is hard but possible. Let us share the secrets on how to charm local ladies.

Always Listen to Slovakian Girls Carefully

Slovakian women love attention, and this will help you build trusting relationships. However, do not become obsessive, because this is frightening.

Go All Out With Slovakian Girls

Do not limit the ways in which you show your interest in dating her. Just like all women, Slovakians love great gestures. Watch some romantic films and do an incredible thing for her.

Be Kind and Honest With Slovakian Girls

Nowadays so many foreigners want to date Slovakian girls that the latest are wary and distrustful. Behave friendly and let her know who you are and what you want in the very beginning. Even a tiny lie can ruin your contact.

Do Not Push Slovakian Girls Into Physical Contact

Many people in Slovakia are religious and usually do not fall for one-night affairs with strangers. Dating Slovakian women means waiting for as long as it takes.

dating Slovakian women

How to Talk to Women in Slovakia: Language of Love

Everyone’s heart melts when a foreigner speaks their language. This trick works perfectly on Slovakian women, so here we give you some basic phrases in Slovak to charm local ladies. The language also uses Latin letters, so for English-speaking people, it is easy to read the words correctly.

Word/phrase in EnglishWord/phrase in Slovak
You are very beautiful!Si veľmi krásna!
Do you want to go out with me?Chceš ísť so mnou von?
I like youMám ťa rád
You are the best woman I have ever metSi tá najlepšia žena, akú som kedy stretol

These simple phrases will give you an advantage compared to other gentlemen flirting with a beautiful Slovakian woman because it means you made an effort. Women love it very much when men do something cute and meaningful for them.

Slovakian Dating Culture: You Need to be Ready for It

Western men must get ready for some cultural differences in dating and sexual relationships with Slovakian women. The efforts and patience will be repaid – those ladies have all the qualities men look for in their future wives. Although Slovakian women may seem ambitious or too feministic, they are eager to have a life-long partnership and true love. But firstly, read the facts below.

#1 Late Growing Up

Some foreigners are shocked when they meet Slovakian girls who are 25 years old and it turns out they are still virgins. In Slovakian society, they do not rush into sex the very moment they become teens. It is also considered normal to live with parents till you graduate from university or buy your own apartment.

single Slovakian woman

#2 Family Issues

The previous fact leads to strong connections between family members. When dating a Slovakian girl, accept it when she needs a piece of advice from her parents on some personal problem. Often, the family’s opinion of her boyfriend or husband means as much as her own. To get a Slovakian bride, one should work hard to please her closest relatives.

#3 Gentle Matriarchy

Indeed, dating a Slovakian woman one must be ready for a light form of matriarchy. There are dozens of anecdotes describing a typical Slavic wife. The main point is that those ladies do not care about the ‘a man is a center of the Universe’ concept. If you come home and see your Slovakian girlfriend having her arms akimbo, get ready for the storm!

If you want to learn more, watch this short youtube video:

Summary About Slovakian Women

Now that you know everything you need about Slovakian wives, it may seem rather difficult to conquer their hearts. Is the cake worth the candle? Please, scroll up and take a look at their portraits. What is your answer now?


What Does a Typical Slovakian Woman Look Like?

Slovakians have an impressive appearance. Like all Slavs, they are tall and graceful. Slovakian ladies usually have long hair of natural colors, big gray or green eyes, and delicate facial features. The remarkable trait of the nation is its inner sense of style. Slovakian women always wear fashionable clothes combined with elegant accessories. They like to look like a million dollars.

How to Meet Slovakian Women?

The first option is to visit Slovakia and its capital Bratislava. Many beautiful ladies spend their nights in clubs and bars, so you could visit places like Rio Grande Nightclub, Channels club, or Trafo Music Bar. As regards the day life, women hang out in parks doing sports. The second option to meet Slovakian girls is to use the best dating websites specializing in Slavic women.

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