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Finnish women are characterized by a severe Nordic appearance. The features of the female type are specific, sometimes even rude, but this does not prevent them from becoming famous and popular, participating in beauty contests, and winning.

European Women Profiles

Mila 23 y.o.
Location Amsterdam
Occupation Model
Kids No
Oliwia 24 y.o.
Location Kraków
Occupation Teacher
Kids No
Maria 21 y.o.
Location Litva
Occupation Student
Kids No

How to Meet Hot Finnish Women?

If you assume that a woman wants something more than you have, and you try to pretend that you have it, then dating and certainly, its continuation will not work.

Young (and not so young) people register on dating sites, go on dates, and … don’t get what they want. The problem of unsuccessful attempts to get acquainted is the method that the man uses to do it.

Finnish Women

Be Yourself

“I’m not clairvoyant! I can’t read minds! I’m not a millionaire! I’m not a model! Beautiful women from Finland won’t want to be with me! I need to present myself in a better light!”

No! Think about it, what kind of man does a woman dream of? No, it’s not about money. No, it’s not a “handyman!” No, it’s really not a fancy car, sorry! Women dream of their man being honest and reliable.

If you pretend to be something you are not now, you are immediately “off to the woods,” as the Finns say.

Be Honest

If this point is still unclear, I will repeat, “Be honest!” Don’t lie about your height, the length of your penis, your job, your marital relationship, the date you broke up with your previous partner, anything. Finland girls are easy to date with your honesty alone.

Speak Frankly

If you want a girl just for sex, do not take her on a date, do not promise her the moon. Say, “I just want sex. How do you feel about the idea?” It may seem unusual, but that’s the easiest way to get sex during Finland dating is to ask for it. I know that’s hard to believe!

Pros and Cons of Dating Sexy Finnish Women

For those who aren’t frightened of severe Finnish winters or self-contained blonde beauty, dating a girl in Finland is a fun hobby. Let’s see whether they’re the right kind of women for you.

Pros Cons
Hot Finland women are rich with knowledge Finding single beautiful Finland women is harder than you might expect
Sexy Finnish girls are not vague with their responses Some Finnish girls are radical feminists
Beautiful women of Finland don’t expect you to shower them with gifts Finnish girls are easy to prioritize their own feelings

Where to Find Finnish Women to Date?

The best online dating sites and apps in Finland that we’ll discuss below will put you in a good position to get dates in this fine country. If at all possible, try to stick close to Helsinki, the city that has the highest number of beautiful Finnish women compared to any other city in the country.

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • Deitti
  • Loveawake
  • ihappydate

How to Impress a Finnish Girl?

So here are specific instructions on how you men should act if you want to interest a lady. You may not like them, but have your previous methods worked? If not, you might want to heed the advice women from Finland give you.

If you want a girl to be interested in you, you should

  • Show initiative
  • Wash and dress neatly before your date
  • Know the rules of etiquette and be polite to the lady and other people
  • Offer – this will give a good impression of you, even if a girl will not accept your offer
  • Be an attentive, pleasant conversationalist – ask questions, promote discussion, take an interest

hot finnish women

What Do Finnish Women Look Like?

Finnish women are often overweight or have a poorly defined waistline. They are of medium height. The torso may appear long and the legs short. Scientists say that this type of appearance was formed because of the cold climate.

Most Helsinki women are financially independent and determined, both in terms of career and relationships. They will not demand special treatment from men, but on the contrary, they are ready to woo the stronger sex. Some of them may dare to be the first to tell their sexual desires to the partner they like. There will be nothing shameful in this. They are in a position to have everything that men have. Because of this, Finnish guys often look for wives in other countries to be more feminine.

Helsinki Girls Stereotypes: Truth and Myth

Italian women are the heads of their households, all French girls dress and act like Brigitte Bardot, and Russian ladies don fur robes and caps all year… These are only stereotypes, but let’s have a look at how women of Finland are portrayed and see whether any of them are accurate.

Truth Myth
They are sociable and often go to bars with their girlfriends. They don’t like to read and develop one’s mind
Finnish beauties work out and tone up their bodies They don’t like pets and taking care of them
They cook deliciously and decorate perfectly for the feast They are madly in love with the color pink

Why Do Finland Girls Date Americans?

Of course, there are also disadvantages to international romance. The main one is that sometimes the language barrier can cause unnecessary conflict when well-intentioned statements are misunderstood.

Culture can also get in the way: if there are things you’re used to doing that the other person finds completely unacceptable, you might not have much to negotiate about. If you’re on their territory, you’ll probably end up having to follow their rules. Nevertheless, Finnish babes find the perspective of marrying Americans quite interesting:

  • They think that dating Americans is the best way to learn English;
  • Finland hot women are interested in becoming a part of another culture;
  • American men are well-versed in being passionate;
  • Dating Americans is a new exotic experience.


In general, the life of sexy Finland women is really like March 8 – husbands care, the state protects, both socially and economically. In addition, this is one of the few countries where women are literally carried in their arms. They deserve it because you want to worship a good wife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Finland Good for Women?

Yes. When you stop by, you will see that there is nothing wrong with their taste. Although the furniture and decorations are very simple, variety is achieved by seasonal changes in decor. A typical Finnish woman has all things in place and nothing unnecessary. You will not find dusty entresols and cluttered balconies.

What Are the Benefits of Dating in Finland?

The Finnish female does not demand to be treated as a girl. In Finland, it is not customary to give a lady her coat, open the door in front of a lady. Not to mention kissing hands. Hot Finnish girls often go to restaurants and bars without men.

How to Approach a Hot Finnish Girl?

Finnish chicks often hint to guys about their feelings through body language. Since the girl already knows you like her, pay attention to the smallest signs. For example, when talking to you, a girl turns to your side or plays with her hair in your presence.

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