Top Filipino Dating Sites With Real Filipino Women

Updated on Jan 2023

The Philippines is a country that has a lot to offer. Lavish wildlife and nature, fascinating history, and breathtaking resorts to name just a few. But one of the best things about this island country is its gorgeous women. The best way to meet them is to try Filipino dating sites.

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Filipino Woman Profiles
Samantha 27 y.o.
Agwa 24 y.o.
Davao City
Hina 29 y.o.

However, when you see how many dating platforms there are, you can’t help but ask yourself which one would be the best to choose. Not to worry: we are here to be your guide in the world of online dating.

Filipino Dating Sites

Who Is This Review For?

Are you a man who wants to look for a soulmate outside your home country? In that case, this review might be for you. There is a large number of western men interested in dating Asian singles. Many of them are specifically interested in women from the Phillippines. There’s no surprise there: Filipino women are beautiful, friendly, and affectionate. Besides, many of them speak English!

Are you a woman looking for a partner who’s genuinely caring and romantic? Do you come from the Philippines? Then this review is for you too! It’s a great way to learn which Filipino online dating sites will give you the best chances to find the man of your dreams.

Top Filipino Dating Sites in 2023

Here is our list of dating platforms where you can find beautiful Filipino ladies and contact them. These are all real Filipino dating sites we’ve picked among a large number of offers. In our opinion, these top dating sites have the best price-to-value ratio. However, you are free to do your own research and find what suits you best.


LoveFort main page

This is one of the leading dating platforms worldwide. Here, you can find thousands of profiles of beautiful Filipino ladies, Slavic women, or Latinas interested in dating foreign men. 

The website is extremely easy to use and not overly complicated. The advanced search features allow finding the women who can be your potential perfect match within a few minutes. The LoveFort support team looks competent enough to make your search for serious relationships both comfortable and safe. There are a few free options available, but free members can’t contact girls.

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Asian Women Profiles
Bora 29 y.o.
School teacher
Ichika 25 y.o.
Fang 21 y.o.

While it can’t be called cheap, compared to similar dating sites, this one is affordable. To sum it up, we think that Love Fort is one of the best Filipino dating sites out there.


LatinWomanLove main page

The first thing you notice about this dating site is exactly what it has to offer. There are lots and lots of profiles of stunning ladies on display. However, you can’t view any of these profiles or contact single girls unless you are a registered member. In fact, signing up for an account is the only way to take a glimpse at the features of this Filipino dating site.

The name suggests that the website is focused on hot Latinas, but you can easily find women from all over the world, whether they are Slavic ladies or Filipino girls. 


ColombiaLady main page

As the name suggests, this dating service is about matching men with beautiful ladies from Colombia. However, let it not fool you: you can find hundreds of beautiful Filipino women, Latin ladies, or Slavic women here. The website’s design might seem a little bit outdated, but it’s easy on the eyes and simple to use. One of the great things about this dating site is that you don’t have to answer dozens of questions to sign up. Just provide some basic information about you, and you’re done. You can flesh out your profile later. There are not many free features to talk about, but the paid features they offer are decent. In our opinion, ColombiaLady can compete for the name of the best dating site.


Latinfeels main page

This is more than just a dating site. LatinFeels doesn’t just help people find romantic relationships – it also helps them find best friends. The service claims it’s all about communication, and it’s easy to believe that. What it offers is a modern, clean, user-friendly design, great communication features, and a safe space for those looking for Filipino girls. Free features include profile registration and profile search. There’s an option to buy a lady’s contact details.

Asian Women Profiles
Yan 27 y.o.
Fang 24 y.o.
Ai 29 y.o.
Hong Kong

Don’t be confused by its name. There are lots of Filipino women you can find here for communication and serious relationships. Based on all we’ve seen on this dating platform so far, we can say it deserves to be among the best Filipino dating sites.



The site has been helping singles find their perfect match since its launch in 2020, and users can’t get enough of it! It is easy to use and comes with helpful features that make searching for a partner simple and enjoyable. With an impressive selection of profiles from all over the world, LatinLadyLove has something for everyone. Plus, its members are friendly, welcoming, and active, which makes it a great place to meet new people and build meaningful relationships.

Comparison of Online Dating Sites Benefits

The overwhelming majority of dating sites offer a number of standard features. They normally include various communication features (such as messaging and video chat), advanced search options, and other tools to make your online dating experience better.

However, there are still some things that make them different from each other. The international dating scene is highly competitive, and so companies have to offer something special to attract new customers and retain old ones. 

Below, you’ll find our attempt to compare the best Filipino dating sites on our list. We’ll look at the set of features they offer and, of course, talk about pricing.

Comparison of Above Mentioned Dating Sites Features

All of these dating websites with Filipino girls have both standard features and something to stand out among competitors. On all of these websites, there is a limited number of free features. Here’s a comparison of paid features you can find on all of them.

Dating PlatformFeatures
LoveFortInstant messenger, Instant chat, video chat, digital gifts, profile verification
LatinWomanLoveVirtual and real gifts, video chat, e-mails, chat, profile verification
ColombiaLady“Say hi” feature, favorites list, text chat, video chat, phone calls, CamShare feature, gifts & flowers
LatinFeelsVideo chatting, text messaging, e-mails, favorites list, translation service, contact details purchase
filipina dating sites

Comparison of Dating Sites Prices

All of the dating platforms below utilize a credit-based system and don’t have any monthly subscription plans. The exception is LatinWomanLove website which also offers a Premium Membership option for $10 a month.

Dating SitePrice
LoveFort20 credits for $9.99
50 credits for $19.99
125 for $49.99
250 for $69.99
750 for $149.99
LatinWomanLove2 credits for $15.99
15 credits for $96
100 credits for $399
ColombiaLady2 credits for $3.99
20 credits for $9.99
16 credits for $96
100 credits for $399 
LatinFeels20 credits for $9.99
50 credits for $19.99
125 credits for $49.99
250 credits for $69.99
750 credits for $149.99

Filipino Women: Real Success Stories

There are many success stories of foreign men who married Filipino women. While the majority of these stories tell about hardships and issues, they all have happy endings. These stories are proof that you can do it too!

Dennis & Marissa

This couple met over a decade ago on a Filipino dating site called Filipino Cupid. Marissa was quite young then but she and Dennis hit it off almost immediately despite the great age gap. Marissa thought that Dennis was the only one who was serious about this international dating experience.
Dennis made several trips to the Philippines to meet his Filipino girl, after which they applied for a fiance visa. The couple got married in the US and lived there for a few years, after which they went to live in the Philippines. They’ve been married for 13 years now.

Here’s one of the stories of how a Western bachelor got lucky to meet his Filipna lady online:

Jesse & Gayle

These two met in the Philippines at the missionary training center. Gayle thought that Jesse, a man from Australia who came to her country for 40 days to learn Tagalog and train, was funny. He liked joking, and that’s the hope he won her heart. They exchanged emails, and that’s how their relationship began.

For a while, they were just friends talking to each other via email, but then they realized that they were really attracted to each other. Gayle was the first one to say she liked Jesse. After that, he went back to the Philippines to meet her parents. After half a year of dating, Jesse proposed to Gayle. They’ve been married for several years now and have a son.

Watch the video to learn a love story of a man meeting his Filipino woman online.

My Own Experience on Dating Sites

There’s nothing like first-hand experience. You might read a dozen articles about dating Filipino women, but hearing from someone who actually knows how it works might be much more beneficial! 

Here’s our interview with Josh, who used Filipino dating sites for a few years before he met his wife. 

Where have you found out about Filipino sites?

I think the first time I ever heard about international dating sites was when my coworker told me how his brother met his wife on one of them. I heard about them here and there since then but only decided to try them myself when I saw an ad for LoveFort. 

single filipino women

Why were you looking for single Filipino women?

I can’t say that I was looking for women from the Philippines specifically. I guess I was just interested in what dating a foreign woman is like. I was also very interested in Asia in general and the Philippines in particular. And it just so happened that I found out I was really attracted to Filipino women.

What was the most challenging thing in your online dating experience?

I think that two things that were the most challenging during the first stages are the language barrier and the cultural differences. I mean, sure, we were able to translate our messages to each other, but there were often problems with understanding. And as for cultural differences, she had a hard time understanding my jokes. 

What did you like about Filipino dating sites most of all?

What I really loved is the freedom to contact the Filipino woman I liked whenever I wanted. When you start using international dating sites, you really appreciate the fact that you can talk to people halfway around the globe from the comfort of your home. And when you use Filipino dating apps, you can check your messages or talk to whomever you want while being on the move.

What’s your advice for those who want to start using Filipina dating sites?

A lot depends on what kind of dating site you use. Make sure you deal with legitimate Filipino dating sites first of all because there are many scammers out there happy to rip you off. Sure, real Filipino dating sites might be a little more pricey, but your safety and peace of mind are totally worth it. 

Our Important Tips for Choosing Filipino Dating Sites

Filipino dating apps are very popular. New dating services keep launching on a regular basis. However, the offer is so massive that it can be difficult to know which legitimate Filipino dating sites are the most suitable for you.

According to statistics, there are currently about 8,000 registered dating sites. Obviously, not all of them deserve your attention. Some Filipino dating websites may look attractive, but what makes you think they are reliable?

filipino dating service

How can you tell if a Filipino dating site is authentic and not trying to scam you into giving them your personal information? How to navigate the competitive world of online dating and find a legitimate Filipino dating site for you?

First, you have to know what to look for when choosing a dating site or mobile app. It’s very important to learn to evaluate a dating service. If you want to find the best Filipino dating site for you, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is behind this Filipino dating service or mobile app? By “behind”, we mean the direction of the company, its location, and its financial situation. It’s always better to deal with a company that is transparent and verifiable.
  • Does this dating service or mobile app have a good reputation on the Internet? Check the website rating and comments on independent review sites. The best way to do this is to use Google.
  • How old is this Filipino dating site or mobile app? Dating websites that have been around for years are usually more reliable. If an online dating site is new, there’s a chance it may be a scam.
  • Does the website charge for membership or is it free? Free Filipino dating sites often have hidden charges and a massive number of fake profiles. Don’t be tempted by the promise of free features and free services. You might end up paying more.
  • What kind of people does the dating site attract? If the site’s members include a wide range of people, it’s probably legitimate. If it’s full of people who are clearly not real, it’s probably a scam.
  • Does the website have all communication features to help you make sure that the women you are talking to are real? A good choice of communication tools and interaction services is a must.

What Should I Do to Avoid Being Cheated on Filipina Free Dating Sites?

Unfortunately, online dating games are highly attractive to scammers. For every legitimate website with Filipino girls, there are a dozen fraudulent Filipina dating sites. And even the best dating sites can’t keep all scammers away.

This is why it’s so important to be careful during online dating. Don’t worry: there are ways to avoid fakes and ensure that the Filipino woman you are talking to is real and genuine. 

Do Some Fact-Checking

Don’t be afraid to Google someone you just met online. If there’s even the smallest suspicion your Filipino woman isn’t who she says she is, use Google’s Search by Image feature to see if there are multiple social media profiles using the same photo. If the person sending the message isn’t the only one using that profile picture, you’re probably looking at one of the fake profiles.

Ask for Profile Verification

Does the beautiful Filipino woman you are talking to have an unverified profile? More often than not, unverified profiles are fake profiles. Ask her to go through the process of profile verification. Genuine Filipino brides looking for a serious relationship won’t have a problem doing that. Keep in mind that free Filipino dating sites usually don’t have this option.

filipino dating

Meet Her in Person As Soon As Possible

It’s too easy to keep secrets or lie openly when your relationship exists only in the virtual world.

If the distance is too much of an obstacle for you to meet in the near future, at least do a video call to give the two of you a chance to see each other. If Filipino ladies you met online are hesitant to meet in person and keep making excuses as to why they can’t do a video call with you, the relationship probably has no future and might be a scam of some kind.

If She Looks Too Good to Be True, She Probably Is

Creating fake characters on Filipina dating sites isn’t difficult. If your virtual date looks like a perfect model, she’s probably lying. And that if this woman from the Philippines exists at all. If something sounds strange or unbelievable, use communication features to ask additional questions. If she is overly defensive, something is wrong.

Take Your Time

Beware of premature declarations of love or requests for sexy photos from the Filipino singles you meet online. Don’t lose your head over any beautiful Filipino woman you’ve never met. You have no idea who you’re really falling in love with until you meet Filipino women in person in Manila, Quezon City, Makati City, or any other beautiful place in the Philippines.

Don’t Be Afraid to Offend

If some Filipino singles are being pushy towards you online, you have every right to ask as many questions as you need to reassure yourself. It is not unreasonable to ask for confirmation of implausible information. If the single ladies from the Philippines are who they say they are, making you feel safe will be a priority for them.

filipino dating apps

Tell Your Friends

It’s perfectly normal to tell your friends and family that you contact women from the Philippines via dating sites. Share a few details with your closest friends and ask them if anything is bothering them. If they show concern, take it seriously.

Be Honest With Yourself

Don’t ignore any hesitation or discomfort. You shouldn’t force yourself to invest in a relationship with someone you haven’t met in person. Don’t let a charming stranger or too much time alone that pushes you to the brink of desperation convince you to contradict your hunches about the stranger you just met.

Don’t get us wrong: the websites on our list and other dating sites can be great places to start a relationship with a gorgeous woman from the Philippines. But a little bit of caution never hurts.


There might be a lot of reasons why women in the Philippines want to look for foreign partners. Poverty, desire for better opportunities, or bad treatment from Filipino men can be among them. The fact remains that there are thousands of beautiful Filipinas on international dating sites right now. This is a great chance to get to know the Philippines, Filipino culture, and wonderful Filipinas.

Take our advice and pick one of the services on our list or look for an online place you like more. Just give yourself a chance to be a happier man by finding a Filipino woman of your dreams.