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Dating Korean Women

What Asian nation has more charming and sweet girls than Koreans? Local women are one of the most popular Asians and drawing the attention of foreigners more and more frequently. There are a lot of men who want to date them but know nothing about Korean girls dating culture and the real characteristics of local girls. In this article, we will reveal the secrets of dating Korean girls and give you all the needed tips to impress these beauties. Keep reading to learn what are Korean women like and how to attract korean women.

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The Truth About Korean Women’s Beauty Standards

Ladies from Korea are well known not only in Asia but all over the world. Locals are famous for their mesmerizing appearance and cute personality, as modern Asian culture is all about beauty and femininity. But what exactly is a cute Korean woman like? Let’s look at the main local women features and traits.

Everything, from Korean women hair to their graceful silhouettes, can catch your eyes as these ladies look extremely good. Korean woman face features are very delicate and alluring. Their dark shiny hair, beautiful Asian-looking eyes, and light skin are what exactly pure Asian beauty looks like.

Most beautiful Korean women are slim and petite. It is hard to meet thick Korean women on the street, as beauty standards are comparatively high in Korea, and all girls want to look perfect. Thus, the ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance and are obsessed with various beauty procedures. It is hard to see a girl on the street who doesn’t look good.

The influence of trends is very strong in Korea. Most local girls try to adhere to the latest makeup and fashion trends or styles of many Korean women. Even an average Korean woman always looks stylish and well-dressed and never forgets about the makeup that highlights their natural beauty.

The Truth About Korean Women's Beauty Standards

How Koreans Girls Are Breaking Barriers and Stereotypes

Locals see relationships as something really special and all modern Korean women want to find a partner. Local dating culture includes a set of interesting traditions followed by all couples. Let’s take a look at some common traditions that your potential Korean American girlfriend may want to follow.

  • Relationships usually start rapidly. Korea people are not those who wait for a long time before becoming a couple. Once a single Korean woman and man have a few dates, they will consider themselves an official couple.
  • Showing affection in public is a common thing. It can surprise you as Asians are usually seen as reserved people who don’t show their feelings in public. But this description is totally not about local people. They like holding hands, kissing, and hugging without paying attention to other people around them.
  • Expect matching outfits, accessories, and other things. One of the most favorite ways to show that you’re a couple in Korea is to buy matching things like sweaters, shoes, bags, or anything else. Korea girls are obsessed with it and usually get something matching at the start of relationships.
  • A lot of holidays to celebrate love. Anniversaries and holidays like Valentine’s Day are a real cult in Korea. All local beautiful women love to celebrate relationships and know at least three days when couples should give something to each other or do something together. For example, there are Silver Day, White Day, Kiss Day, and many more.

Do Korean Women Like American Men? – The Surprising Truth

These ladies enjoy dating Western men as they guarantee them financial stability, ability to build a strong and happy family and constant emotional support.

The cultural background forms the personality and mindset of people and makes them unique and different from each other. Korea is a country with an ancient culture, and its people still follow some traditions and customs in all aspects of their life. Single Korean women attract a lot of attention from foreign guys, as they seem charming and exotic. Let’s figure out what exactly makes these girls unique and bewitching in the eyes of foreigners.

How to Meet and Date Korean Girls: The Ultimate Guide

Impressing your girl not only at the start but also throughout all your relationship is essential for becoming a happy couple. Dating Korean women, you will not succeed using the same tactics you use for dating European or American girls. That’s why let’s take a look at the best tips that work with all beautiful women of Korea.

#1 Always Stay Connected to Your Korean Girlfriend

Constant communication is a key to winning over women of Korea, as these girls like to talk with their beloved ones a lot. Thanks to the Internet, nowadays it is very easy to stay connected no matter how far you are located from each other. Don’t miss her calls or call her first, chat with her before going to sleep and she will think you are the best boyfriend in the world.

#2 Be Romantic and Attentive

Local girls are obsessed with men who act cute. There are a lot of romantic things you can do with your beautiful woman. Bring her on a bridge of love and put a padlock on it or arrange a romantic dinner or picnic and she will fall in love with you. And don’t forget about little gestures of love like carrying her bag or holding a door.

#3 Give Her Gifts without Special Reasons

Gift-giving is one of the most common things all couples do. That’s why dating a Seoul Korea girl, it would be great if you give her something like chocolate, matching clothes, or other cute gifts. There is no doubt she will be impressed.

#4 Respect Her Unique Personality

If you have seen women in Korea drama series, you might imagine that these ladies are extremely feminine, tender, and attentive. Many Korean girls’ stereotypes are totally true, in fact. Coming to Korea, you will be surprised how similar local girls are to characters in TV series.

How to Meet and Date Korean Girls

#5 Be Honest With Her

Another reason to meet South Korean girls is their loyalty to partners. They are perfect for building serious relationships and can become amazingly good wives. Looking at statistics, you can see that the crude divorce rate is lower than in European countries and the US. The reason is attractive local women are honest and open with their husbands and ready to work for the happiness of the relationship.

#6 Respect Her Independence

Due to a good education and peculiarities of upbringing, women in Korea are independent and self-confident. They don’t choose a man looking only at his financial and social status. What is more important for them is a man’s view of future life and his personality traits. Dating a korean american woman means finding a partner who doesn’t depend on you in everything and can be supportive, respectful, and honest. Keep reading to learn what are korean girls like.

Best Places to Meet Korean Girls in Seoul

What do foreign men like about single South Korea ladies? In fact, it is hard to find more feminine and charming girls in Asia. They possess all traits that men want to see in potential girlfriends. Here is a list of the top places in Seoul where you can meet girls in Korea:

  • 304-1 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Octagon Night Club at New Hilltop Hotel
  • 148-22 Tojeong-ro, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Cafe)
  • Sangsu-Ri Bar

Where to meet Korean Women Online

Ladies from Korea possess not only outer beauty but inside too. They are friendly, funny, and interesting females who love to communicate with different people, including foreigners. Women from Korea are also very honest and never try to hide their real emotions. That’s why you can understand everything just by looking at cute Korean women faces expressions.

They are easy-going which helps them to become good friends and partners. While relationships are pretty important in Asian culture, local girls don’t focus only on getting married. Their life is always full of different activities, work, and communication. With all these amazing traits it is not surprising they constantly get a lot of attention. If you dream of meeting these beauties, consider signing up on the following South Korean girl dating websites:

  • Korean Cupid
  • Ok Cupid Korea
  • UBLove
  • Noondate
  • Tinder
  • Amanda

4 Reasons You Should Date An Average Korean Girl (And Not A Western Girl)

If you are not Asian, it might be a little bit unclear what is the difference between Korean, Japanese, Chinese women, and other Asians. However, they all are quite different and once you get to know them better you will see this. So let’s explore the main reasons why you need to date Korean women and not a Western girl:

#1 Interesting Outfits

Pretty local women follow all the trends in the fashion industry and like to wear makeup. They take care of always being good-looking. Western girls usually opt for a more traditional style.

#2 Very Expressive Character

A typical Korean girl is more expressive and sincere. They always show their true feelings. Western ladies, on the contrary, are more reserved about showing emotions.

#3 Respect to Older Generation

In Korea, people are respectful to those who are older, even if the age gap is one year. Westerners are respectful and polite too, but more relaxed about the small age gap.

#4 Independence

South Korean ladies are more independent and have higher expectations from men. Western females are more passive in relationships and prefer men to lead. This factor is important to keep in mind for better understanding Korean women.

The Final Thoughts on South Korean Women Dating

If you are obsessed with cute and feminine ladies, locals are definitely a good match for you. The Asian dating culture is quite different from the Western one, and it is important to adhere to local traditions in dating. If you’re about to date Korean girl, be romantic, thoughtful, and honest, and don’t forget about the significant anniversaries of your couple.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dating Korean Women

How Are Girls Treated in Korea?

Girls in this country are used to being treated with respect and attention, thus you can behave accordingly.

​​Where to Meet Korean Women?

Online dating is extremely popular in Korea, so you can meet local singles on popular online dating a korean girl websites.

What Makes a Woman Beautiful in Korea?

Local women are one of the most beautiful in Asia. They possess delicate facial features and petite figures. Their red full lips, shiny dark hair, and fair skin can fascinate anybody, indeed.

How Tall Are Korean Women?

The average height in Korea for a female is around 161 centimeters, thus you can expect to be much taller than these cuties.

Can a Foreigner Date a Korean?

Of course, it is easy to find single women in Korean big cities like Seoul, Busan, or Incheon. However, if you don’t want to spend your time on those who don’t seek relationships, try online dating. It is a great option, as all girls on dating korean woman platforms are single and have the same intentions as you – to find love.

Are Korean Girls Nice to Date?

Dating Korea girls, be ready to get a lot of attention, love, and care. These ladies are extremely attentive and free in the expression of their feelings. A local woman is a great choice for those who want to be with a feminine and easy-going girl.

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