East Asian Women: Flirting Tips

Updated on Mar 2023

The East Asian continent is quite popular as this is where you can find China, Japan, and South Korea. They define modern pop culture, and what is a culture without women? Many dream of succeeding in seducing an East Asian woman.

East Asian Women Profiles
Jing 24 y.o.
Min 29 y.o.
Hong Kong
Xiu 27 y.o.

In this publication, we are going to analyze together all the characteristics of an East Asian woman and give you all the tracks to succeed in seducing a girl from this country.

Top cities to meet East Asian girlsTokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Hong Kong, Ulaanbaatar
Language East Asian brides speakChinese, Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, Tibetic
Perfect match for foreigners73%

The Mentality of East Asian Women

It is important to understand the mentality of an East Asian girl if you want to have a chance with her. Indeed, the cultural differences can be quite big between the inhabitants of East Asia and your country.

East Asian Women

On paper, East Asian countries have adopted many religions. In reality, those countries can be considered moderately religious. It will not be particularly difficult to seduce an East Asian girl, even if she considers herself religious. However, it is not as simple as Thai women where religion is not present at all.

One-night stands are rather rare in East Asia, but it will be quite possible to sleep with an East Asian woman without getting married to her. You start getting the general picture of East Asian ladies. But what differentiates her from a Western woman? Let’s the comparison:

East Asian BeautyWestern Beauty
Accept their role as traditional woman. They want men to take the main role.They want to lead the way in relationships. Nowadays, Western women want to be in charge and command you.
Take care of their appearance. Look genuinely youngThey ignore some major aspects of what makes women beautiful. At troubling times they strap on many tattoos and piercings
She wants a family with a child and is ready to be the best mom out thereWestern women are rather childfree. They think the world is way too cruel for a baby to be born here.

How to Succeed in Seducing an East Asian Woman?

When you meet and want to seduce East Asian girls, you will meet mainly two different types. The first one is embarrassed and won’t dare to talk to you. They are the reserved type. The second one is interested in the outside world and is ready to fall in love with any foreigner.

Asian Women Profiles
Bora 29 y.o.
School teacher
Ichika 25 y.o.
Fang 21 y.o.

By immediately focusing on the beautiful East Asian women who seem to be already interested in you, you have done more than 90% of the work. All you have to do is to be courteous to the girl, show her that you are a nice guy, and she will normally hit on you.

East Asian girl

How Do You Date East Asian Girls?

These techniques won’t work on every East Asian girl, but they will work on many of them. So gauge the interactions and change your game depending on the girl.

  • Be dominant and direct. East Asian girls are naturally quite shy due to their strict upbringing, so they respond very well to a firm, authoritative attitude, even more so than the average Western woman. Your seduction style should be very dominant and direct, but also respectful at the same time. When you approach them, be persistent because they will not always stay very long to listen to what you have to say;
  • Take your time. We are sorry but most East Asian women don’t get seduced on the first night, so you need to work for a few weeks and create an attraction with her. Take her out for coffee, get to know her, establish deep rapport, and then start escalating sexually on the third date;
  • Build a deep connection. East Asian girls love fairy tales because they are very romantic and sentimental, so focus on building a strong connection with them;
  • Be respectful towards her relatives and be prepared to meet them. Rigid upbringing and deep ties to parents create the fascinating personalities of local females. Every female is required to tell her parents about her boyfriend and receive their endorsement.

Activities Appreciated by East Asian Girls

However, some East Asian women may give you a little more trouble. In this case, you will have to find activities to do with her that represent East Asian dating culture. The countries in East Asia are not considered to be poor, but you can still invite local girls to pay for them.

Here are some examples:

  • Taking her to a restaurant with foreign food. Try a French restaurant if you can find one. Otherwise, take her to a non-Oriental restaurant;
  • Go to a movie with her by booking VIP seats. You will be in a very comfortable seat and have waiters bring you drinks. The effect will be guaranteed with East Asian girls;
  • If you are by the sea, propose to her a nautical activity. For example, a ride in a boat that seems ordinary to you can impress her, because many girls have never set foot on it
East Asian brides

Things to Avoid When Seducing an East Asian Woman

When you try a seduction approach with an East Asian girl, it is important not to offend her sensitivities. It will indeed be a pity to mess up an attempt of flirting by making mistakes that it is however simple to avoid. Here are some examples of things not to do with an East Asian woman:

  • Lack of knowledge about East Asia. Make sure you know a little about the country’s history and culture. There is nothing more offensive to an East Asian woman than a man who knows nothing about her country;
  • Telling her you have a “thing” for East Asian girls. This is the lamest thing you can say. It feels weird, she knows you want her for sex, so don’t say it;
  • Talk about Oriental stereotypes. Talking about geishas or strict parents is boring and is one of the stereotypes to avoid, not to mention extremely frustrating for her because East Asian girls have heard them a thousand times before;
  • Ask East Asian girls what their nationality is. Don’t ask where she is from or assume. This shows that you are not like all the other idiots;
  • Impress her with stupid “facts” about East Asia. They don’t want to hear some odd statistics like the number of Sakura trees in Tokyo;
  • Be too shy or reserved. Remember that if East Asian girls don’t respond, it’s not because they don’t like you. It’s because they are shy, so you need to be the dominant one.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Common stereotypes about East Asians
  • Things to avoid while meeting local ladies
  • Tips on how to get the attention of local women

Marrying an East Asian Girl

If you want to get married to an East Asian woman, you should first think about everything that is involved. Remember that marrying a girl is an act that is supposed to last for a lifetime. Is this really what you want?

Asian Women Profiles
Fang 24 y.o.
Ai 29 y.o.
Hong Kong
Yan 27 y.o.

Secondly, are you sure that the girl from East Asia loves you? Isn’t she just doing it to try to get documents? Don’t be naive about this, as it is quite possible due to the poverty in the country.

Finally, what type of ceremony do you want to follow? The local custom or the one of your country? This is also an important point to consider when getting married. And it will not only depend on you, the family of the bride-to-be may also have something to say about it.

Dating East Asian Girls

Endless Possibilities of Dating East Asian Girls

As we now know, it is easy to start looking for the East Asian woman of your dreams, while needing a lot of research and some caution. These days, there are many Oriental sites available, offering women from China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, etc.

But how do you find a reputable site that offers genuine women and isn’t just set up to get your subscription or membership money? Some careful research is needed. Check, as much as possible, how long the company has been in business; do their testimonials seem genuine? Do they have profiles of hot East Asian women from one country or the entire region? If you are not too shy, try to find someone who has used the site before and was satisfied with the services they provided.

Best Places to Meet East Asian Women

There are many places to meet East Asian girls, here are a few:

  • Their country, of course. What’s the point of waiting for the right East Asian girl to show up, just go to their country and make your choice. Find out where the best places are, do your research and take a little vacation;
  • Your social circle. The best way to meet them is to make friends with Oriental men, as they always know a few women;
  • East Asian Bars and Clubs. Google bars and clubs in your city are known for their East Asian clientele. They won’t be mad that you’re there, it’s like walking into a gay bar, they won’t kick you out because you’re not Oriental;
  • College campus. There are more and more East Asian women on college campuses, so these are always great places to pick them up;
  • East Asian sites. By registering on a site you will be able to chat with English-speaking East Asian women who live near you. No need to travel, everything is done online!
Meet East Asian Women

Meet an East Asian Girl on a Dating Site

If you want to meet an East Asian girl, the best option will still be to start seducing them from a distance using a dating site that specializes in East Asian dating. This is ideal if you are not yet in a country or if you are more comfortable behind your screen. You will have to use a specialized site that allows you to meet East Asian women.

Making a Profile to Attract and Date East Asian Women

However, be as honest as possible, be realistic and keep your “excesses” to a minimum. East Asian women are not stupid and it is best to include some keywords in your profile. Some phrases will help you attract the East Asian girl of your dreams. Use words/phrases such as: “caring”, “family-oriented”, “long term commitment”, “stable”, “looking for an equal partnership”, “respectful”, etc.

A final key point is in selecting the women you want to connect with. Naturally, most foreign men will choose East Asian women who are younger, those who, at first glance, they perceive as more attractive, with good figures, etc. Naturally, any man would do this. But don’t overlook the slightly older, more mature East Asian lady. Often, East Asian women around 29 to 31 are much better educated, more open, may already have a good job, and have probably seen some of the world.

Watch the video about East Asian women dating and learn:

  • Where to meet local ladies
  • How to conquer the heart of an Oriental girl
  • What every East Asian woman dreams of
single East Asian women

Conclusion on East Asian Women

And so our East Asian women analysis comes to an end. This is the most popular type of East Asian women out there and for a reason. They come from some of the most amazing countries and are genuinely interested in dating foreigners.

They want to become one with a different culture and see how it may lead both of you to a better life. It’s not always easy to crack the East Asian code when you do, it leads to an unforgettable experience. We hope you get to see it for yourself.

Dating an East Asian girl is not complicated if you know how to go about it. We have given you all the necessary tips in this article, and you should simply apply them. However, our tips on how to seduce East Asian woman are mostly applicable to a girl from a country that you know little or nothing about.


Where can you meet East Asian women dating foreigners?

You can always try China, Japan, or South Korea. They are popular destinations, and you are sure to find a typical East Asian woman there. However, it can take a lot of time to agree with her during a meeting. The best solution here is to use dating apps and slowly go from online dating to a real one. This is a sure way to not scare her.

What are single East Asian women like?

They are cute reserved women who want to see changes in their lives. East Asian women feel oppressed and pressurized to do what society wants them to do. They want to break those chains and meet a guy who can accept her for what she is. East Asian women make good loyal wives too.

Why do East Asian girls like foreigners?

For a variety of reasons, many East Asian girls are still unmarried today. One of them is the desire for a foreigner who is better and more deserving since they are unsatisfied with the local males. The dating customs of American and local men, as well as the behavior of their males, are very different. However, a lot of American men respect the populace and want to start dating East Asian women.

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