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Men come up with difficulties associated with interacting with Asian brides. But if you decide to make a point of dating, the first step is to acknowledge their culture in detail. This article aims at reviewing facts about the dating culture in Asia. Otherwise, you will sit beside each other for a long time over the confusion of not understanding what to do with the girl to please her and make a good impression.

Positives About Dating Asian Women

Asians can come from different Asian countries, and they have their esthetic features. Some are tall, while some are shorter than 5’2. Some have fair skin, while there are also darker ones. But they all can boast distinguishing features that only true Asians have.


The majority of Asian women today are very traditional despite them living in a modern world. The reason behind this is because of the way they were grown up by their traditional elderlies. These trendy girls follow western trends, climb up the career ladder, but are still devoted to their native culture.


Asia girls are known to be family-oriented. They constantly seek the approval of their parents when it comes to serious decisions. It is normal to live with parents and bend to their will. Western men are usually very independent, so if you see dependent Asian women, then this can become a challenge for you.

Sense of Humor

Asians are strict and with an awkward sense of humor. You can laugh at her boring jokes or tease her about it if you two are close enough.

asian dating culture

Dating Customs in Asia

It would be a complete waste of time to start meeting with foreigners without learning their dating and family traditions. Just like other cultures, most Eastern people date to find a perfect match and a long-term partner.

Long-Term Relationships

In multiple cultures of the world, the dating period includes three essential steps:

  • Meet;
  • Date;
  • Get in a relationship.

Dating culture in Asia misses the second step. You will meet a man or a woman, go on a first date together. And then, depending on how the date goes, the couple decides if they’ll be together or not.


Your communication has to change when you want to invest your time and money into dating an Asian lady. Their dating customs involve:

  • Disagreements may appear, but you should be in perfect harmony with your ambition to prevent conflicts in the future.
  • Be polite when talking to a girlfriend or her family members. Don’t interrupt, and try to follow your partner’s line of thought.
  •  It is common for people to stand very close to one another.


Everything starts from the act of kokuhaku, which is confessing your love and asking them to go out with you. The word means “confession”, and it is done when a man or a woman declares their love to another and hopes to begin dating that person. The most basic way of confessing this is to say:

I love you. Can we start seeing each other?

You may go out with the person a few times or go out on a group date, but your relationship hasn’t technically started until this love confession, aka kokuhaku, occurs.

Family Approval

Dating a girl in China means building a sense of trust with her family. Even if you are not used to families playing a pivotal role in such a delicate process, just face it.

If you are a Western guy, you may be rejected by your partner’s family first. This is common, but do not worry; if you and your partner are committed long-term, they will likely come around. If you genuinely love your partner, there is nothing to worry about.

Asian VS American Dating

Dating is hard everywhere. Everyone who has ever dated anyone has their tales of woe, just the cultural differences that vary from place to place. Here is a table to compare.

Asian Dating Culture American Dating Culture
Start dating in Asia is a real art and requires kokuhaku ritual. Starting to date someone is not a big, important decision.
Group dates commonly happen. Most Americans go on a date in pairs rather than groups.
Local dating culture claims to hide feelings in public. Like holding hands, kissing, and touching each other. Public displays of affection may be standard in the US.
Nonverbal communication, subtle signs are highly valued in Asia. Westerners expect more direct verbal expression and physical contact.

Popular Asian Dating Sites

When you are seeking a bride from Asia, no need to go round the world. It is enough to focus on Asian girls on numerous dating websites. To save time, answer the questions that the site offers. But even communicating online, cultural norms and traditions shouldn’t be neglected. Here are the top 3 meet up platforms to pick from:


EasternHoneys main page

This popular platform will make your dreams about exotic women faithful. The site can boast a large selection of communicative features and a super-fast sign-up procedure. It takes a minute and no money to sign up and leave your personal information. To broaden your feel of actions, purchase more credits. The main website highlights are:

  • Great choice of women’s profiles;
  • Matching tools for finding the perfect variant;
  • You can take all needed information about your spouse from her profile;
  • You can like pics for free;
  • No verification for male and female users.


OrchidRomance main page

Stick to one of the most popular dating websites to meet Asian singles. You’ll be surprised by the number of real girls registered on the platform.

Fast registration and free joining are vital issues. For a perfect match, answer the matching questions about your ideal bride and dating expectations. The information in girls’ profiles is clear and laconic, with bright pictures and advanced descriptions.

If you want to attract a girl’s attention, there are several communicative tools on the site.

  • Like her pictures for free
  •  Chat and email for credits.

The platform takes care of its users’ safety, so the women are obliged to verify their accounts to exclude fakes.


Asiandate main page

This platform makes meeting Asian singles an absolute pleasure. Here, you can find the woman of your dreams and receive lots of attention from foreign partners. Numerous interaction tools like chatting, sending letters, making calls, sharing photos, and even sending presents are available. The site has a high-quality mobile version.

Two searches, standard and advanced, are available for men. There’s a possibility to look for a girl by the member ID too.

TOP 3 Asia Dating Apps

Finding the right dating app for you is almost as challenging as finding the right person in Tokyo. Dating apps know everything about hookups. You shouldn’t go anywhere, and no one will judge you if you try more than one app at a time.

Elite Singles

EliteSingles asian

This is the best Asian dating app that has many benefits. It is known for its multicultural user base, including Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai women. The main features are:

  • Personality test to aid in matching compatible singles;
  • Moderators verify profiles to avoid fakes;
  • Over 80% of members are adults and have a college background;
  • An excellent choice for serious and casual dating.


eHarmony asian page

It is considered the best app for serious relationships with Asia girls.

  • In-depth personality quiz for finding the best marriage partner;
  •  This leads to more marriages than any other dating apps;
  •  Multiple membership options;
  • Ideal for singles who are seeking long-term relations.

AsianDating main page

This is one of the best dating apps in Asia and one of the largest and most dedicated apps in the industry overall. The app offers a subscription base of more than 4 million users and promises to introduce you to single males and females. With AsianDating, you can create a new account and start writing your love story in minutes.

  • Over 4 million users and thousands of successful matches;
  • 15 years of success matching singles;
  • Fast sign up;
  • Many specific tools for interesting communication.

Top 5 Questions for Successful Dating with Asian Girls

You are on a date, not on a mission. Try to understand that a date is not a detective story. It is time for pleasure and casual conversation. You can meet girls in real or interact with them on one of numerous meet-up sites and apps. Don’t miss a chance to know each other better and build up a pleasant atmosphere. Here are the best five questions for a successful talk:

  1. What do you think about me?
  2.  What do you expect from the relationship?
  3.  How did your previous relationship end?
  4.  What are you fond of?
  5.  Are you enjoying the date?


Dating Asian ladies could be exciting. But this process slightly differs from what you’ve experienced with ladies from other cultures. Building up cross-cultural relationships looks like moving in opposite directions. You both want to succeed but can’t coordinate movements and harmonize. Dating services can help to hone your performance.

No worries if you are open-minded and ready for relationships. International dating is worth a try. It may take a surprising amount of force to win the girl’s attention. But understanding the girl’s exotic nature and unique Asia dating culture will build bridges between the two of you.


What Is Dating Culture Like in Asia?

According to Asia culture, things change as soon as you begin dating. Foreign couples love wearing matching outfits and have the same group of friends and social circles. Such practices are unheard of in western dating culture, where each partner has their boundaries, a circle of friends, social life, and matching outfits is a rare thing.

Chinese and Japanese couples call themselves “husband” and “wife” even when they are not married. So don’t be surprised when the Chinese lady you are dating calls you a husband; it’s pretty sweet.

How Do Asian Women Date?

Dating Asian girls much depend on their cultural traditions. Some people don’t have problems expressing their feelings verbally. Asian brides show their attraction non-verbally by careful touches, smiles, strokes. The girl will constantly touch you at least once or twice to show that she is interested in continuing relationships.

Naturally, Asian ladies are shy, but they will gather the courage to maintain eye contact with you once they are serious about you as a husband. Learn to read signs!

These exotic ladies are known to be uptight, conservative, but charming and touching personalities. However, if she likes you, she will answer your messages and give you her number. This shows that she is comfortable being around you.

How Long Do Asian Women Date Before Marriage?

People from Asian territory value their traditions the most. When it comes to serious relations, Asian ladies stand resolute and move quickly. They are not ready to wait for your proposal for five years. Marry her right after you feel you are ready. Avoid popping the question on a significant Asian holiday or celebratory day, though. Valentine’s Day or White Day would be perfect!

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