August 31, 2019

Morgan + Sean

This is going to be a little different….This blog post, along with the rest of our posts from our summer weddings, is going to be written by Brett (me) because Alex was home preparing for the arrival of our sweet Rory Ann.  😊  I’ve never considered myself a good writer, so I’m just going to follow Alex’s way she was writing these, minus her favorite part because she wasn’t there! Haha.


Morgan and Sean met their Freshman year at Longwood University, through mutual friends of their fraternity and sorority.  Through their freshman year, they became close friends by frequently walking to class together and meeting up at the “D – Hall” for lunch.  It wasn’t until the end of the year when they both really started to show interest in one another.  After that, the rest is history!


The Wedding Day


Morgan and Sean’s wedding took place at Evergreen Country Club in Haymarket, Virginia.  Being closer to DC, I expected a relatively flat landscape with not much going on, but to my surprise the club rests right at the base of a small mountain offering beautiful scenery and sunsets.  On the property there is a beautiful old Inn where the bridal party got ready.  The honeymoon suite, where the girls got ready, offered huge windows and a ton of natural light rolling in.  The room reminded me of an old library in someone’s fancy expensive house. 😂  It was perfect to film in!  Looking out the window from the honeymoon suite, you could see the stone garden where the ceremony took place.  Overall, the venue offered great private areas for the bridal party to get ready, but kept everything close and logistically easy.  As the sun set, we took Morgan and Sean out to a field at the club that was perfect for sunset photos.  (Go check out Kathryn Ivy Photography!!!) It also allowed Sean to try out his new custom putter on the green as pictures winded down. (You HAVE to see the footage from that.😂


My Favorite Part

Seeing all of Morgan and Sean’s friends, that watched their love story unfold, come together and celebrate their union of marriage…it was freaking great.



Till the next wedding film!!


Evergreen Country Club Wedding Highlight Film: Morgan + Sean from Gardenia Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.


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