August 29, 2019

Anthony + Angie

When we got the inquiry for Angie and Anthony’s wedding and saw that they planned on having their ceremony in the middle of the oldest baseball park in the state of Virginia, we got really excited to film something so unique and different! ¬†We also asked ourselves…where the heck is Deltaville? ūüėā


Their Wedding Day

As we made our way into Deltaville, we could feel the small town vibe among us.  In the distance from the main road, the tall stadium lights flew high above the ball field we were headed too.  Angie and Anthony got ready in the church next door while the field was being prepped, just as it wood be for a typical baseball game.  As the time came near to start, baseball anthem music started blaring through the speaker system and guests packed the bleachers.  Angie made her way from the home field dugout to the pitchers mound then, made her way down to home plate where she tied the knot with Anthony.  After taking some pictures with the iconic and old-school score board, we made the drive back to West Point where they had their reception.  And you guessed it!  It was decked out baseball themed.  Everything about the day being related to baseball really made for a cool and unique video we could create and we are so happy with how everything turned out.

My Favorite Part

My favorite part was the pastor’s message during the ceremony. ¬†It was neat to hear the word on a baseball field and just made me think how you can meet God anywhere, not just in a church.

Brett’s Favorite Part

Growing up playing baseball, I loved the whole theme of the wedding.  When we first got there to scope out the field I took my drone off and was blown away by the shots I could get.  The field from above, surrounded by water, was breathtaking.  I definitely recommend visiting Deltaville BallPark for one of their home games if you are a baseball fan.  It will make you feel like you took a step back in time, in a good way.


Deltaville Ball Park Wedding Film: Angie + Anthony from Gardenia Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.

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