June 11, 2019

Sarah + Cody


Cody and Sarah met when they were in high school together and pretty much knew each other their whole lives, but waited until they were in 11th grade to make it a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  They’ve been together ever since and you can definitely tell they started out good friends because of how fun and loving their relationship is!  You’ll only have to get about 20 seconds into this video to see why Cody and Sarah were so easy to film, how fun their love for each other is, and why we had a blast on their wedding day! 

Their Wedding Day

The three most important things to Sarah and Cody on their wedding day were love, happiness, and having fun.  And we think they definitely accomplished that!  Their favorite thing to do together is dance!  And from just a few clips we were able to sneak into their video, you can see how good they both are at it! 😉 Cody has an awesome signature move he loves to throw down whenever he can! 

Lydia Mountain Barn had that sweet family vibe to it that we love so much and the backdrop was perfect for their vows!  A rustic, elegant theme for their wedding day was accomplished with greenery, florals, lavender, and baby’s breath. 

My Favorite Part

How fun and easy Cody and Sarah made their portrait session!  Totally comfortable with each other and up for anything in front of the camera!  Brett literally just had to say “I’m going to throw the drone up and film you guys and go have fun together in the field.”  I was a little thrown off by his direction at first, since that’s not our typical wording (haha), but Cody and Sarah nailed it. 

Brett’s Favorite Part

The exact same as Alex! Also, I always enjoy filming a wedding I know a lot of people at!  It was great seeing a bunch of people I have not seen in a while get together and have a great time.

Lydia Mountain Wedding Film in Stanardsville, Virginia: Sarah + Cody from Gardenia Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.


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