May 22, 2019

Kate + Ryan

Kate and Ryan both worked in the same building but never even knew it, or met, until their first date a year and a half later!  Which was also the same day that Kate had put in her notice, so they joke that they never got to the point of carpooling to work 😉 They quickly found out they love to cook together, spending time outside walking the river, going to concerts, and trying out breweries. 

Their Wedding Day:

It was important for Kate and Ryan to go to bed at the end of their wedding night and say “man, that was awesome.”  For their family and friends to have fun and for the video to capture of course them, but also their friends and family having fun, being in their element, smiling and getting down on the dance floor…which was super easy to do with their live 9 piece band! 🙂  From the prettiest white blooms helping give a classic but modern style, to long mismatched navy bridesmaids gowns, and food stations that kept the party going, it was surely a big celebration with their closest family and friends and we loved getting to capture the sweet moments throughout the day for them, as well as all the fun they had throughout the night! 

Alex’s Favorite Part:

I always love filming at the Commonwealth Club.  It has such a different vibe from a lot of other venues we film at.  It’s so classic, but also so fun! And the food is always amazing!  I always itch to get out there on the dance floor with everyone when we film there! 🙂 

Brett’s Favorite Part: When Ryan opened his gift from Kate!  And filming in the city.  

Enjoy their video!

Kate + Ryan: Wedding film at The Commonwealth Club in Richmond, Virginia from Gardenia Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.

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